Credential Programs

Multiple Subject Credential Program Overview

The Multiple Subject Teaching Credential authorizes you to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom, most commonly in grades K-8, but also in pre-school, K-12, or classes for adults.

Course Requirements for Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential (42 Units)

  • EDU 5010 - Foundations of Teaching & Learning (3 units) (8 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5020 - Foundation of Education in a Diverse Society (3 units)
  • EDU 5302 - Educating Students with Disabilities in Diverse Settings (3 units) (8 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5100 - Introduction to Literacy Instruction (3 units) (20 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5105 - Language Arts, Second Language Acquisition, & Children's Literature (3 units)
  • EDU 5110 - Theory & Practice in Mathematics Education (3 units) (10 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5115 - Theory & Practice in Science & Health Education (3 units) (10 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5120 - Theory and Practice in Teaching Elementary Social Sciences (3 units) (10 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5150 - Novice Clinical Practice for Elementary Teachers (3 units) (50 Hours Fieldwork)
  • EDU 5160 - Multiple Subject Clinical Practice (9 units)
  • EDU 5180 - Teaching Performance Assessment for Elementary Teachers (TPA Cycles 1 & 2) (3 units)
  • EDU 5125 - Theory & Practice in Teaching Elementary Movement, Visual, & Perf. Arts (3 units)


Students can complete the program in two, three or four semesters depending on the pathway they choose: 

Additional Credential Requirements

Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA): 

Students must have successfully completed the RICA Exam at the time of application for the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Apply online at Please note RICA exams expire after 5 years. If you have not applied for and received your credential within this time frame, you will need to retake the RICA. When you take the exam, please arrange for Pearson to send your scores electronically to Cal Poly Pomona. Please also provide a copy of the original scores you receive in the mail.

Adult, Child & Infant CPR:

Valid verification needs to be submitted to the Credential Analyst at the end of clinical practice, when you apply for the preliminary credential.

Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA):

Passing scores on all TPAs are required at various points throughout the program and to be recommended for the preliminary credential. 


1.) When requesting substitution of equivalent courses from another instituion, students must complete a Course Equivalency Request form with a copy of official transcripts, a copy of the catalog course description from the year the course was taken and the syllabus. This form and supporting documents is to be submitted to the Credential Analyst.

2.) Please arrange for Pearson to send your scores electronically to Cal Poly Pomona. Please also be prepared to provide a copy of the original scores you receive.