Credential Programs

Deadlines Extended

The department has extended deadlines to submit passing test results for clinical practice: 

Basic Skills Requirement
Proof of Basic Skills requirement (CBEST or other Basic Skills Option) must be submitted by 05/31/21.

CSET/100% Subject Matter
  1. Passing score of at least one CSET subtest must be submitted by 05/31/21.
  2. If passing scores of at least one CSET subtest was submitted by 05/31/21, the remaining CSET subtest(s) necessary to meet 100% Subject Matter must be submitted by 07/31/21.

If the student is unable to meet any of these requirements by the deadline(s) indicated, they will be notified that their Fall Semester 2021 clinical practice application has been denied and will need to submit a new clinical practice application for Spring Semester 2022.


Supplemental Forms for Long Term Assignment




Clinical practice is the culmination of the educational foundations, methodology, and field experience components of the teacher education program. Clinical practice is a cooperative effort between school districts and Cal Poly Pomona University. All students are required to complete one semester of clinical practice.

In the Multiple Subject program, student teachers are placed in K-6 grade levels. In the Single Subject program, student teachers will be placed in 7-12 grade levels to teach in their content area. They must teach four periods of the subject area. In the Education Specialist program, assignments are made based on the credential, either in a Mild/Moderate classroom or a Moderate/Severe classroom. Student teachers for both Mild Moderate and Moderate Specialist are placed in K-12 grade levels.

All students will be placed in one grade level for the duration of the semester.

Clinical practice is offered fall and spring semesters for the Education Specialist, Multiple Subject and Single Subject Programs.

The Office of Clinical Practice is responsible for placing all student teachers in cooperating school districts in the Cal Poly Service area. Student teachers do not place themselves.

You will be assigned a university supervisor who will make visits to your school site each week for observation and evaluation of your student teaching.

Pre-Clinical Practice Workshops


Virtual Meeting

Come and learn what to expect and what you need to succeed during clinical practice placement.

02:00 PM


Virtual Meeting

Come and learn what to expect and what you need to succeed during clinical practice placement.

02:00 PM