International Students and Scholars Office

Permission to Attend Another Institution

Students who wish to enroll in one course at another institution while maintaining their immigration status at CPP must request permission from the ISSO before registering for the course at the other institution by submitting this form. 

The PTAAI letter is only a verification of a student’s full-time status at CPP under the CPP I-20 authorization. It is not an approval to transfer credit, subject credit or for major substitution. Students who wish to transfer a course from another institution must consult their academic advisor before registering for the course at the other institution.

Student with academically disqualified status cannot submit the Permission to Attend Another Institution request. Please contact your International Student Advisor immediately. 

Application Process:

  1. Verify that the number of units enrolled at CPP DOES NOT exceed 18 units
  2. Consult your academic advisor before enrolling in a course at college/university of choice.
  3. Complete Permission to Attend Another Institution Request
  4. Allow 10 business days (weekends and holidays are excluded) for the ISSO processing
  5. Check your CPP email
    1. Permission letter will be sent to your CPP email address if approved
  6. Upload written confirmation of enrollment in course

After the Course has been Completed:

  • Upload an unofficial transcript
  • Submit an official transcript showing course completion to Cal Poly Pomona’s Registrar’s Office 
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