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Research Distinction

Research Distinction

About Research Distinction

Research Distinction recognizes students who have exhibited exceptional commitment to the research, scholarship, and creative activities communities and have embraced the "Learning-by-Doing" culture at Cal Poly Pomona. Students who fulfill all the requirements for the Research Distinction are awarded a certificate of recognition and a Graduation Pin. Visit the Research Distinction website to learn more.

Destiny Alvarez

“In the future, I hope that this research is a springboard for other topics I am interested in when I pursue my PhD."

Destiny is on track to graduate Cal Poly Pomona this upcoming Spring 2021! She and her faculty mentor, Dr. Alyssa Kermad, are studying how non-native English speakers use prosody in different ways from native-English speakers. The purpose of this study is to make comparisons between non-native and native speakers of English and their use of prosody across speech acts.

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Zuhayr Khan

“I'm focused and not finished. I will change the world for the better!”

Zuhayr is on track to graduate Cal Poly Pomona this upcoming Spring 2021. He plans to continue researching alongside Dr. Kageyama for his master’s program, then pursue a PhD to become a professor one day. In the future, he also hopes to open up his own physical therapy clinic that focuses on mental-physical exercise and patients' diets in order to keep their brains healthy and happy.

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Karina Ortiz Villa

"I have had a lot of barriers and challenges in my life, starting from being an undocumented student, a first-generation student, and a minority... It is because of these challenges that I gained the skills to be successful, and I wouldn't have any other way. Everything I went through taught me a lesson and fed my passion."

Karina is currently a philosophy major who is devoted to social movements that strive to liberate and advance the social, economic, and political positions of immigrants and other marginalized communities. A major goal for Karina is to help establish an inclusive environment where marginalized students feel more comfortable practicing philosophy.

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2020 - 2021 Research Distinction Awardees

2020 Awardees

Destiny Alvarez

Suhani Bhakta
Jacob Brannon Pedro Esquivel
Jarrod Griffin Meaghan Loeffler
Linda Ly Norman Mach
Richard Mai Jillian Munoz
Amber Myles Jennette Ramirez
Ryan Valdezotto Katy Ventura
Maximum Wilder-Smith

2021 Awardees

Orlando Arbizu

Francesca Burks
Dana Dardoon Olivia Dingus
Thisuri Fonseka Rogine Gomez
Chase Hargrove Nicolas Hernandez

Chi Loh

Matthew Miller

Jeanney Munoz

Harry Muttram

Daniela Navarro Verdugo

Kelly Nguyen

Karina Ortiz Villa

Lisbeth Pelayo
Alessandro Pereyra Marissa Salcedo
Armando Shehi Carrisa Siccion
Harjot Sing Kourtney Steidel
Emily Stephenson Chuanen (Joy) Sun
Danica Tacadena Valerie Tapia
Long Truong Connor Veronese
Alexander Walton