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This systemwide competition showcases the innovative research and creative activities of the CSU undergraduate and graduate students in the full range of academic programs offered by the CSU. Each year Cal Poly Pomona selects 10 student projects to represent the campus at the competition. Visit the CSU Competition website to learn more.

Sarah Caballero

Sarah is a 2nd year M.S. candidate in Food Science & Technology and will graduate this Spring 2021. She has been a research student of Dr. Gabriel Davidov-Pardo for the past 3 years, starting with her senior Capstone Project on nanoemulsions through the Kellogg Honors College. Her current research is on using nanoparticles to encapsulate polyphenols from orange pomace.  

She has presented undergraduate and graduate research at RSCA, SCCUR, CSU Research Competition, the Institute of Food Technologists annual conference, the Western Regional Honors Conference, and the College of Science Symposium. She has a primary-author paper published in Food Chemistry, has co-authored a book chapter, and currently has a literature review in review. In 2019, Sarah received 1st place at the Institute of Food Technologists Undergraduate Research Competition and 1st place at the CSU Student Research Competition at CSU Fullerton. She has a primary-author paper published in Food Chemistry, has co-authored a book chapter, and currently has a literature review in review. 

Sarah is a Lead Tutor at the Learning Resource Center, where she has worked for the past 4 years. She is also an active member of Cal Poly Pomona’s chapter of Phi Tau Sigma, the Honor Society for Food Science & Technology. She competed on the Food Science College Bowl Team from 2016-2019 and currently helps coach the team.  

After graduation, Sarah plans to work in Research and Development for the food industry. 

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CSU Systemwide Student Research Competition 2021

The CSU Student Research Competition is an annual event that brings together campus delegates from all 23 of the CSU campuses. The competition showcases undergraduate and graduate scholarly research and creative activity across all disciplines. At Cal Poly Pomona, the selection of student delegates takes place during the OUR’s annual RSCA Conference. This year, the CSU SRC was hosted virtually by Cal Poly Pomona on April 30 and May 1, 2021.

Behavioral, Social Sciences, and Public Administration 

Title: The News Media Experience for Congresswomen: How has sexism and gender stereotypes in the news media portrayed female politicians at the Congressional level?

Author:  Giselle Barragan 
Faculty Mentor: Neilan Chaturvedi 

Behavioral, Social Sciences, and Public Administration 

Title: Investigating the Influence Racial Bias has on Misinformation Correction 

Authors: Valerie Tapia, Armaine Guzman 
Faculty Mentor:Kevin Autry 

Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Graduate 

Title: Encapsulation of Orange Pomace Antioxidant in Pea Protein-Pectin Complexes 

Author: Sarah Caballero 
Faculty Mentors:Gabriel Davidov-Pardo and Y. Olive Li 

Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Graduate 

Title: Natural and Anthropogenic Effects on Pacific swallow (Hirundo tahitica) Populations in southeast Asia 

Author: Brenda Ramirez 
Faculty Mentors:Elizabeth Scordato 

Biological and Agricultural Sciences 

Title: Using consumer feedback to determine the most desired attributes of food products enriched with Orange pomace 

Author: Elvis Garcia 
Faculty Mentor:Gabriel Davidov-Pardo 

Business, Economics, and Hospitality Management 

Title: Does State Ethnocentrism Influence the Attitudes and Purchase Intentions formed on Locally-Branded Products? 

Author: Jillian Munoz 
Faculty Mentor:Jae Min Jung 

Engineering and Computer Science 

Title: Implementation of RSA in Verilog 

Authors:Rohith Rajasekaran, Anish Junnarkar, Andrew Zarour 
Faculty Mentor:Mohamed Aly 

Engineering and Computer Science 

Title: Bluetooth Kit with Post-Quantum Security Primitives (Hardware/Software Partition) 

Authors:Ian Lieu, Peter Anthony, Andres Colon, Arron Lu 
Faculty Mentors:Mohamed Aly and Valerio Formicola 

Humanities and Letters 

Title: Class Conflict in Parasite 

Author: Giselle Gradilla 
Faculty Mentor:Kate Ozment 

Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Graduate 

Title: Synthesis of Nickel Fluoride Complexes with Bidentate N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands 

Author:Justin Cortez  
Faculty Mentor:S. Chantal Stieber