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STARS Profiles

The Faculty Mentor Research Stars (STARS) recognizes faculty members who have engaged students seeking a Learning-by-Doing experience at Cal Poly Pomona. Each year we highlight the work of some of our STARS mentors. The following STARS Mentors were interviewed about what mentorship means to them.

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Chantal van Esch
Juanita Jellyman
Alex Madva
S. Chantal Stieber
Breanna Binder
Sonya Zhang, faculty in the Computer Information Systems department
Angel Valdes, faculty in the college of science department
Cutout of Dr. Kageyama next to graphic and text quote
Cut out of man crossing his arms and smiling at camera on a teal background and text that has his name: Dr. Mario Guerrero and his respective title: Chair, Professor of Political Science, Associate Professor, Political Science
Cut out of woman on a green background. Text has her name: Dr. Olive Li, with her respective title: Associate Professor Nutrition & Food Science, Director Research and Graduate Studies
Cut out of a man standing with his arms crossed and smiling with a blue background and text with the following content: Faculty DIrector, Undergraduate Studies and General education. Next line says: Associate Professor, Chemical & Materials Engineering.