Office of Undergraduate Research
Achieve Scholars Program

Active Students

Information and Requirements

As part of this program, you are required to meet with an advisor at least once per semester. Please schedule a meeting with one of us below:

Fall Requirements

  • Orientation
  • 1 Social
  • 4 Peer Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Advising Meeting

Spring Requirements

  • 1 Social
  • 4 Peer Mentor Meetings
  • 1 Advising Meeting
  • 1 Research Conference RSCA (attend, present, or volunteer)
  • 1 Scholar Recognition (PolyX) Event 


  • Fall 2023 CPU 4990 Peer Mentoring Course (required for Peer Mentors): Fridays, 10 am-11:50 am
  • Fall 2023 CPU 2990 Early Career Research Training Course (required for Mentees): Fridays, 12 pm - 1:50 pm

Peer Mentor Checklist

  • Meet with mentees in research programs: ASP, RIO, STARS, or Engage 2-4 times per term
  • Meet once with junior peer mentor in training
  • Sign up for outreach activity as they become available
  • Attend two workshops or professional development activities such as career and graduate fairs
  • Help develop a culturally relevant activity social for the programs in spring term


Proof of Event Attendance

Description:  As a part of your ASP Participation, you are required to attend 4 events per semester. Please view your orientation handout for a list of the events.

Instructions: Submit online form

Due: Within 24 hours of attending an event

Submit Proof of Attendance