Satisfying Quarter Foundations Biology

Bridge and Cap Courses

If you took BIO 1210B/122B after BIO 121/L then you have to move onto BIO 1220/L. If you took BIO 1220C/122C after BIO 122/L then you have finished the foundations biology requirement.

Unfinished BIO 121/L, BIO 122/L, and BIO 123/L

If you took at least 7 semester units (or 10.5 quarter units) of foundations biology, you can petition the unit deficiency. Please note that the quarter curriculum requires 15 quarter units (=10 semester units) of foundations biology and the semester curriculum requires 8 semester units.  The unit deficiency can be petitioned using ANY spare units (e.g. MAT 1050, etc.).  Please contact for this petition.

Important!  The petition may satisfy your foundations biology requirement for your degree (or DPR), but it will not override the pre-requisite requirement during registration for classes that require the foundations biology series as a prerequisite. You will need to obtain permission numbers everytime you register for these BIO classes that require the foundations biology.  Please refer to this page to calculate your units and show it to the Department Office each time you request the permission codes.

For example: 

If student took BIO 121/L (3.333 semester units, see the calculation below) and BIO 1220/L (4), the student has a total of 7.333 semester units. We can petition the remainder to count towards this area to fulfill the requirement. 

For quarter unit to semester unit conversion: 

  • BIO 121 (3 units) / 1.5 = 2 semester units
  • BIO 121L (2 units) / 1.5 = 1.333 semester units