Masters of Science in Agriculture

Graduate Program Mission Statement

The master's program in the Huntley College of Agriculture serves a diverse student population pursuing both applied learning and thesis-based degrees in agriculturally related fields. Upon degree completion, students are equipped to address challenges and critical issues that impact and influence their field of specialization. Mentoring, training, and resources essential to skill development that promote life-long learning and critical thinking are provided, positioning graduates as leaders in their chosen discipline.

Graduate Program Goals

Upon completion of the master's degree in agricultural science from Cal Poly Pomona, students will be prepared to:

  • Identify and propose solutions to problems facing their specified field of interest in agriculture
  • Critically evaluate a body of research to identify problem and methodology, statistics and interpretation of research
  • Conduct or interpret research in their chosen field of agriculture and have the ability to utilize or produce new findings that advance and enhance knowledge in their discipline of interest (thesis-based graduates)
  • Demonstrate an advanced level of writing and communication skills