Minor Programs

The College of Environmental Design offers minor programs for undergraduate students interested in supplementing their major studies. These programs are open to all Cal Poly Pomona students. Several general education (GE) courses can be applied towards minor program units. For specific information on each minor program, please visit the pages listed below:

Department of Art

  • Art History Minor (18 units): The study of visual art, architecture and design throughout world civilizations enhances the understanding of ancient and modern cultures, and enriches related majors in design and the humanities.
  • Studio Arts Minor (24 units): Students select a concentration within the area of Studio Arts – Print Making, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, or Drawing.

Department of Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape Architecture Minor (24 units): The program exposes students to a mix of applied skill-building and theory that involve forays into geographic information systems (GIS), plant science, visual communication, and design history.

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

  • Urban and Regional Planning Minor (19 units): The urban and regional planning minor provides students with the knowledge and skillsets including but not limited to the functions of cities, urban policy decision making process, analysis methods for urban issues, and planning, policy, design, and social action in urban environment.

Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

  • Regenerative Studies Minor (18 units): A multidisciplinary program taught by faculty from all colleges on campus, it is a perfect complement to a bachelor's degree for those interested in pursuing careers in environmental fields.