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Enrollment Trends & Statistics

Each year, hundreds of students at Cal Poly Pomona are transformed by their educational experiences outside of the United States and can be found in classrooms, research labs, and internship sites throughout the world.  

2018-19 Academic Year 

255 students studied abroad. 

Approximately 1% of CPP students participated in a Study Abroad program.  
(The national undergraduate participation rate is 15%) 

Regional participation reached 6 continents, with a majority of our students (68%) studying in Europe.  

Almost half (49%) of our students who participated in Study Abroad were in their Junior year, followed by Senior (37%), Sophomore (10%) and Freshman or Graduate (2%) 

32of Study Abroad students were from College of ENV, followed by CLASS (20%) and CBA (14%) 

.3% of Study Abroad students were from Kellogg Honors College 

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