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Faculty-Directed Education Abroad Program Proposal

Competitive Priorities:

  • The proposed course(s) fulfill(s) a major degree requirement, university core course, or GE
  • The program can attain the target student enrollment of 20-30 students or more
  • The program includes an experiential and/or high-impact learning component resulting the development of students’ skills, knowledge, and career preparedness


Submit a PDF version of the completed Faculty-Directed Education Abroad Program Proposal packet with required supporting documents to the Director, International Center:

  • Winter, Spring Break & Spring Semester Programs
  • Fall Semester & Summer Programs
Deadline: March 1 (year prior)
Deadline: August 1 (year prior)

A complete proposal packet includes:

  • Completed proposal forms signed by your department chair. Programs with two faculty proposing from different departments require the signatures of both department chairs.
  • Course descriptions and syllabi for all program courses. Work with the Academic Advisor or Course Scheduler in your department to verify that the course number and requirements are accurate.
  • Narrative description of the proposed program.
  • Supporting Documents:
    • Draft budget
    • Letter(s) of support from affiliated department Chair(s)/Dean(s)
    • Map(s) related to intended destinations
    • Projected itinerary, including travel, classroom time, field trips/excursions, guest
    • speakers, etc.
    • CSURMA High Hazard List
    • Previous program's itinerary and any proposed changes (if renewal)
    • Teaching evaluation summaries (if renewal) 


  1. Preference will be given to multi-year program proposals; when possible, with the same faculty and course during consecutive years in order to create more consistency of teaching, logistics and academic content throughout the approved cycle for students and faculty alike.
  2. Incomplete proposals will not be considered. After receipt, completed proposals will be forwarded on your behalf to the appropriate individuals for review and ranking.
  3. Minimum enrollment requirements. To maximize university resources and provide affordable programs for CPP students, our target enrollment for all programs is 20-30 students.
  4. Minimum GPA requirements. The minimum is good academic standing (2.0 undergraduate and 3.0 graduate students). Faculty directors are encouraged to set their GPA eligibility requirement at the lowest appropriate level in order to provide the greatest access to study abroad among our students.
  5. Course information should be accurate. Course details for selected programs will be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar and departmental course schedulers for inclusion in the course catalog.
  6. Notification of proposal decisions will occur on the 15th of the month following the deadline.

After your program has been approved, Office of Study Abroad will assist you with your program.  Proposed programs should not be advertised via flyers or websites until prior approval of the program is completed.

Please Note: Adhere to application deadlines and dates of your proposed program to allow for reasonably priced airline tickets, visas (if required), advertising, and various other preparations. 

Please refer to the CPP University Travel website for travel policies and procedures. All international travel requests must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to departure. All travel requests must be submitted for approval(s) via Concur with the following attachments:

  1. SAMPLE-Memo International Travel Request - There needs to be a signed memo (signed by your HEERA Manager)
  2. Approved Program Proposal – This will serve as the "outline, agenda or information about your conference or trip."
  3. Attach a Travel Advisory Print out of where you are going.  You can get that here:
  4. Attach the CSURMA High Hazard List.
  5. A MEMO for per-diem rates according to the budget. See sample.

Once this has been approved by your Chair/HEERA Manager, it will route to the Provost’s Office for approval.  It will then be sent to Risk Management for insurance purposes. 

Grants for Study Abroad:

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