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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Proposal


Access the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Proposal Application here. The proposer will need this form signed by the department chair and college dean. After the application has the appropriate signatures, a memo to the provost must be prepared. Along with the objective of the trip, the trip destination, trip dates, flights, and hotel arrangements, the memo should include the following attachments:

  1. Students Release of Liability form
  2. Field Trip/Emergency Contact List
  3. Students' Authorization to Travel form

Access the template for the memo to the provost and the student travel forms (Student Travel Process Packethere


After your program has been approved, the Office of Study Abroad will assist you with your program.  Proposed programs should not be advertised via flyers or websites until prior approval of the program is completed.

Please Note: Adhere to application deadlines and dates of your proposed program to allow for reasonably priced airline tickets, visas (if required), advertising, and various other preparations. 

Please refer to the CPP University Travel website for travel policies and procedures. All international travel requests must be submitted no less than 60 days prior to departure. All travel requests must be submitted for approval(s) via Concur with the following attachments:

  1. View and Follow the International Travel Process Packet required by the Provost’s Office
  2. SAMPLE-Memo International Travel Request - There needs to be a signed memo (signed by your HEERA Manager)
  3. Approved Program Proposal – This will serve as the "outline, agenda, or information about your conference or trip."
  4. Attach a Travel Advisory Print out of where you are going.  You can get that here: 
  5. Attach the CSURMA High Hazard List

Once this has been approved by your Chair/HEERA Manager, it will route to the Provost’s Office for approval.  It will then be sent to Risk Management for insurance purposes. 

Grants for Study Abroad:

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