Study Abroad

How to Apply

Application Due Dates 

Application due dates for Exchange, and CSU IP Programs are listed below.  Applications dates for Faculty-led, Affiliated and Non-CPP programs vary – check the due date of your specific program. 

Exchange & CSU IP Application Due Dates: 

  • Summer/Fall: February 15  
  • Winter Break/Spring Semester: September 15 

Application Process 

  1. Submit the appropriate application according to your program (Apply Now button or via the website of your desired program) before the application due date. 
  2. Most applications will require all or some of the following:
  • Student Information (Major, Class Standing, Contact details, etc.)
  • Unofficial Transcript (Official might be required for some programs)
  • Statement of Purpose (Why you want to study abroad and what you hope to gain from the experience).
  • Passport Copy
  • Health Status
  • Liability, Code of Conduct and Release Waivers

     3. You will be notified of your status (accepted, denied, or waitlisted) usually 4 weeks after the deadline or              on a rolling admission basis for Non-CPP programs (allow 2+ weeks). 

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