W. Keith & Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery

Ink & Clay 45: A 2021 Virtual Exhibition

Ink & Clay 45: A 2021 Virtual Exhibition

Aug 19, 2021 to Nov 18, 2021

Location: Kellogg University Art Gallery

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Sapphire Anniversary, Ink & Clay 45, the Art of Type. Prospectus Launch April 1st, 2021Established in 1971, Ink & Clay is an annual juried competition of printmaking, ink drawing, ceramic ware, clay sculpture, mixed media and installation, utilizing any variety of "ink" or "clay", or combination, as material. The competition results in its highly-regarded exhibition sponsored by the W. Keith & Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery of Cal Poly University, Pomona and underwritten by the generosity and support of the late Col. James Jones, Mr. Bruce Jewett, and Office of the University President, Soraya Coley.

The Ink & Clay annual competition is opened to artists working throughout the US, making it a nationwide competition. The exhibition is documented through an on-line printable catalog. Unique among juried exhibitions, Ink & Clay is annually celebrated and recognized by artists and collectors for its quality and diversity.

This year, 2021-22, Cal Poly Pomona and the Kellogg University Art Gallery are proud to celebrate the 45th Sapphire Anniversary of Ink & Clay . In honor of this milestone, this year's competitive event will be celebrated with a special theme: Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type . 

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Ink & Clay 45 Submission Information abnner, includes 6 artworks from past Ink & Clay shows. Has both 2d and 3d artworks.

Theme Announcement

In honor of the 45th Sapphire Anniversary of Ink & Clay, Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type is re-scheduled as a "virtual exhibiton" for Fall 2021: August 19th - November 18th, 2021, with its prospective physical exhibition moved from Fall 2020 to Fall 2022.

 Cal Poly Pomona and the Kellogg University Art Gallery are proud to make a special announcement in honor of our 45th Sapphire Anniversary of Ink & Clay. Our current Ink & Clay 45 Prospectus is launched as of April 1st 2021 on CAFE I CallForEntry.org with Artwork Prizes and Purchase Awards amounting to $7,000.

In honor of this Sapphire Anniversary, Ink & Clay will be celebrated with a special theme: Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type. This means that ALL submissions must have the material elements of ink or clay used in the creative process in some way, or in combination, with the added requirement of including: type, text, words, phrases, writings, script, letters and/or !@#$%&*+= (symbols) in some way, shape, or form.

So, in effect, the work can be of any subject matter, but must also have the inclusion anything you might find in written language, handwriting, or on a keyboard.

Some artists automatically do this as part of their body of work, and this notice is being given well in advance, so that all prospective participants can have adequate time to make applicable work for this year's entry submission deadline of May 30, 2021. Topics can be anything from poetic, lyrical, narrative, to biographical, auto-biographical, socio-political commentary, pop-cultural, or abstraction - simply based on the love of shape and form.

See examples in the illustration below:

This image shows various characters that are used in international letters, foreign languages, symbols, emojis, and icons.

The same techniques that are acceptable each year for Ink & Clay are applicable for Ink & Clay 45: all traditional media (painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture), mixed media, collage, assemblage, book-making, installation, video and any avant-garde artforms are acceptable for submission, as long as ink and/or clay are featured in some way.

And with this, we hope to see eligible participants in next year's show for this special event!

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First Place winner Art Piece

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Ink & Clay 45 First Place Award Winners

Here are the Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type Official 1st Place Winners of 2021!


Second Place winner Art Piece
Sunday, November 7, 2021

Ink & Clay 45 Second Place Award Winners

Here are the Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type Official 2nd Place Winners of 2021!



Honorable Mention Art Piece
Sunday, November 7, 2021

Ink & Clay 45 Honorable Mentions

Here are the Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type Official Jurors’ Choice Honorable Mentions of 2021!



Ink & Clay 45 virtual exhibition
Zoom Event Reception: Saturday, September 11, 2021, 2-5pm

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition of the Sapphire Anniversary Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type is coming this month!
Virtual Exhibition Talk & Tour: 2pm
Awards Announced: 4pm



2021 Ink & Clay 45 Jurors

Keiko Fukazawa, she wears glasses and is behind sculptures of arms, Photography by William Short

Keiko Fukazawa, Clay Juror (Photo credit: William Short)

Keiko Fukazawa

Keiko Fukazawa was born in Japan and educated at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo. Fukazawa also studied at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles where she taught ceramics for four years. She currently lives and has her studio in Pasadena, California, and is an associate professor and head of the ceramic department at Pasadena City College.

Fukazawa's mother introduced her to art and encouraged her to pursue painting as a career. However, the young artist was discouraged by the cultural conservatism that made it particularly difficult for women painters. She turned to her mother, who was an excellent and creative cook. As the two women discussed the relationship between food and the vessels it is stored, prepared, and served in, Fukazawa's interest slowly moved to ceramics. While working as an apprentice at the ceramic studio in Shigaraki, she was again dismayed by the rigidly gendered practices. Intrigued by the California Clay Movement led by artists like Peter Voulkos, Fukazawa decided to come to California 1984. Today, her work reflects a California outlook that includes diverse cultural hybrids and an “anything goes” attitude. She has worked for over 30 years as a bicultural artist with an eye of an outsider. Fukazawa's recent residencies in China have given her new perspectives and innovative platforms with which to experiment with conceptual art.

Keiko Fukazawa’s work has been widely exhibited. US gallery exhibitions include six one- person shows at Garth Clark Gallery, Los Angeles and New York, and numerous group shows at Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco and Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York and Portland. Museum exhibitions of Fukazawa’s work include Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; American Craft Museum, New York; and the Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX. Her work is in permanent collections of National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA; and Racine Art Museum, Racine, WI. In 2005 Fukazawa received grant from the Peter S. Reed Foundation, Inc. New York as well as grants from the California Arts Council, the City of Pasadena Arts Commission, the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs. Fukazawa is also the recipient of the 2015 Artist in Residency Grant from the Asian Cultural Council in New York City and a 2016 COLA Individual Artist’s Fellowship from the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles. She has also had exhibitions in countries as diverse as Colombia, Canada, Taiwan, and Italy. - The Artful Teapot: 20th Century Expressions from the Kamm Collection, The George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, CANADA (2003), - From the Earth/Dalla Terra, Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio, Perugia/ITALY (1999), - Heartists in the Marketplace, Centro Colombo Americano, Medellin COLOMBIA (1998), - International Invitational Ceramic Competition Exhibition, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan (1992).

Her work has been featured in the following publications; Sex Pot: Eroticism in Ceramics by Paul Mathieu, Contemporary Ceramics by Susan Peterson, Color and Fire – Defining Moments in Studio Ceramics 1950 – 2000, Rizzoli, I. P. I. by Jo Lauria, The Artful Teapot by Garth Clark, Postmodern Ceramics by Mark Del Vecchio and numerous magazines and papers including: Ceramic Monthly, Ceramic Arts and Perception, American Ceramics, art ltd, Huffington Post, and Los Angeles Times. Most recently, An Outsider Sends Message by Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times. Her newest works have been exhibited at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, El Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, and The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in 2016.

Dave Lefner working on a linoleum block carvingDave Lefner, Ink Juror (Photo credit: Jen Serena) 

Dave Lefner

As a native-born Angeleno, artist Dave Lefner has always had a love for the city that surrounds him. From an early age, he embraced the sunny disposition of the Left Coast, as well as the California “car and motor inn” culture of mid-century optimism. In his work, he yearns for the day when the beauty of American design and craftsmanship was king. From his subject matter to his process, he pays his respects to a time gone by, but finds a way to re-invent its relevance in this contemporary world. His work reflects the beauty for the city that surrounds him, with a nostalgia for its aging, but unique storefronts, signage and architecture from all areas of Los Angeles including the Valley, glamorous Hollywood, and especially his current home in Downtown LA. For Lefner, the urban landscape, complete with its burnt-out, broken neon, faded and peeling movie posters and advertisements, the web of power-lines and telephone wires overhead, as well as the occasional graffiti piece, serve as the perfect inspiration for his detailed, very limited-edition, reduction linoleum block prints.

He received a BA in Art from California State University Northridge, where he discovered a love of typography and its many faces, the graphic prints of the German expressionists of the 1940s, and, his biggest inspiration, Picasso’s series of linocuts from the 1950s. For over twenty years since, Lefner has dedicated himself to preserving and perfecting what seems to be the dying artform of reduction block printing. Because of the immediacy of today’s world, this technique is being lost in the face of a digital age. But it is the mystery of this labor-intensive process that intrigues him most. There is no room for error as the piece slowly reveals itself through a series of carving/printing stages from a single block of linoleum. To him, the journey is definitely as important as the destination.

Lefner’s work has been exhibited in notable solo exhibitions including the LA Redux: Reduction Linocuts by Dave Lefner at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA), August 20, 2017- January 7, 2018. His work is held in the Prints & Drawings Permanent Collection of Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and he has been featured on KCET’s Artbound episode titled American Purgatory.

Kristine Schomaker in front of a collage of patterns and texturesKristine Schomaker, Art Industry Curatorial Juror (Photo credit: Kristine Schomaker)

Kristine Schomaker

Kristine Schomaker is an Art Historian, Curator, Publisher, Art Manager and multidisciplinary artist living and working at the Brewery artist complex in Los Angeles, California. She earned her BA in Art History and MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge. In 2014 Kristine founded Shoebox Arts to support and empower artists while building community and creating new opportunities.

Schomaker started an open critique meet-up that takes place every 2-3 months, runs an alternative art space, Shoebox Projects at the Brewery and is an Art Activator for the organization Artists Thrive. She founded the Facebook groups: Artists Trading Co and Artist Classifieds, created a researched subscription program for calls-for-art for artists and started a free peer mentorship program.

Schomaker is also the publisher of Art and Cake a contemporary L.A. Art magazine, formed an artist collective in Los Angeles and has organized and curated numerous art exhibitions throughout Southern California. She is currently the president of the California State University Northridge Arts Alumni Association.

Artwork Listing 1
abstract painting of red splashes over a collage of paper and book pages

Robert Alexander

Terrain/Tirer Parti_01
abstract painting with blue splashes on a collage of blue, teal, and cream colored paper and book pages.

Robert Alexander

Terrain/Tirer Parti_03
two circles on top of each other with one being smaller and small lines to give dimension and texture. Circles are made of small letterforms using black ink on white paper.

Ingrid Ankerson

Dyadic Radial No. 6
a single spiral with the letter "A" pressed in going around the spiral to give dimension.

Ingrid Ankerson

Radial Pattern No. 7
four cubes in the format of two on top and two on the botom and looks three dimensional with the stamped in letters.

Ingrid Ankerson

Cube No. 4
a bust of a young person with bars going through the face, head, and shoulder with a pained expression and the caption of the bust says, "Year of 2020".

Pascual Arriaga

two six pack of empty glass beer bottles in cardboard boxes with the bottles stating, "Emergency" on one bottle and "Stimulus" on the other with the stamp of the United States Treasury and "COVID RELIEF" on the side.

Pascual Arriaga

Covid Relief
a print with the words "Systemic Racism" in huge text with two American flags ripped apart in the middle with a quote in between them and a paragraph is found on the bottom of the piece.

Mariona Barkus

Systemic Racism
an abstract sculpture with a face, square body, and two feet standing on two different types of materials with a sign with the saying "The Heat Surgeon in at all Hours".

A. Binghamfreeman

Heart Surgeon
a ceramic piece that stands on four legs with scales, other patterns, and Chinese characters that state the different names Chinese zodiac signs.

Mariko Bird

Which Animal Are You? #1
a black and white print of a broken up human face with a shocked facial expression with the statement below, ",,!? AGAIN ?!,,".

Chess Brodnick

The Recipient
Seemingly floating, the Little Black Dress has an airy light feel to it. The artist's own dress was printed with oil-based ink on old prayer book pages collaged to 100% cotton paper.  The Contemplation and Prayer book, printed in Germany in 1858, is well worn. Many hands have turned the pages in contemplation; being in the eighth edition, it breathes a timeless murmur. How often have the thoughts of the reader wandered off the pages to more earthly subjects? The black lace of the dress seems to tangle with the old German script.

Andra Broekelschen

The Little Black Dress
Artwork Listing

Artwork Listing

a free standing scultpure with different sizes and colors of mosaic tiles and has a bronze door handle on both sides and a tiled question mark and multiple embellishments all over.

Andra Broekelschen

Window to the Sea
collage of different words  and in the middle are two texts  with a blue background, black ink, and braille found behind the letters.

Andra Broekelschen

NFT (Non Fungible Touch)
multiple different types of books spread out and/or put into specially labeled gray folders.

Sarah Bryant

a handmade book with the title "The Radiant Republic" and enclosed in a wooden box with glass that holds weathered platonic solid cast in cement.

Sarah Bryant

The Radiant Republic
a gradiant white to blue then to black background with a debris field of patent drawings for floodgates, water pumps, caissons, and other mechanical objects used to keep water out.

Sarah Bryant

I Have Set My Hand Against The Tide
diamond shaped textured paper with smoother pieces of rag paper with the stenciled on letters, "PEACE is your nature".

Diane Divelbess

Peace Is Your Nature
a collage styled sunset with blue and white foam water, dark brown land, and torn pieces of black lettered paper.

Joanne Donnelly

Red Sunset
 multple pieces of ceramic stoneware with different phrases on each individual piece.

Jeff Downing

retro futuristic style bronze and mint colored jar that has a wall plug and the word "SPLOOSH" on the front with three mint colored buttons and a lightening strike.

Kevin Eaton

Cookie Jar No. 5
 dark blue, metal, and bronze colored, futuristic style cookie jar with the word "KRR-PTZ" on the front with metal cogs and bronzed lightening strikes.

Kevin Eaton

 a wall plaque with the word "BOING" in red lettering with metal and black colored cog wheels with arrows pointing off the side of the gold eye under the word.

Kevin Eaton

BOING! Wall Plaque
the word "Ballot" is on top of multiple red dot figures with black boxes underneath.

Diane Fine

Artwork Listing
a portraiture of a person with a mustache, brown hat, the US Capitol on the bottom and two swan encompassing a red heart and two upside down swans on top of the heart.

Hellenmae Fitzgerald

The Great Gig In The Sky
a stoneware piece with black ink lettering on a white backhground with the ink running down the piece.

Katie Francis

Never Again
a colorful, happy clown hugging a human skull with their eyes closed.

William Fillmore

William & George
"INK&CLAY45" is inscirbed in black, impacted lettering all over the piece with a white background.

Mark Hendrickson

Ink & Clay 45 #1
"INK&CLAY45" is inscribed in black, spread out lettering on a white background.

Mark Hendrickson

Ink & Clay 45 #2
different letters puzzled together to make a human figure in white with their arms out and white letters fallen onto the floor.

K. Ryan Henisey

a suspended golden human heat with white paper-like cranes suspended around the heart.

K. Ryan Henisey

a human with an angered expression in red ink with a drawn human figure next to it and Japanese characters in red ink underneath both figures.

Stephen Horn

"Shikata Ga Nai"
broken down crates that were put back together and painted with mulitple colors with a pink skeleton in the middle of the crates.

Julienne Johnson

Private Family Business
a mint green, paper oragami bowl holds multiple fortune cookies with handpritned messages on them that say, "The fortune is the cookie. The cookie is the fortune," on both the fortune cookie and the paper inside.

Karen Ruth Karlsson

The Cookie is the Fortune
wo shelving units that holds a full set of yellow dishes on the right side while a full set of green dishes on the right side with a framed map in the middle of both units.

Serit "Sheri" Kotowski

Sacred Trust: BROKEN, installation
 red outlined and shadowed people are holding up their hands with a piece of paper and in the foreground there is an arm and hand reaching out and holding a piece of paper with multiple phrases and words in the background.

Mako Lanselle

My Say
Artwork Listing
a muted-color etching of inside of a cathedral showcasing the tall stain glassed windows and motifs are represented.

Andrew Lawson

Higher Power
a muted-color etching featuring multiple signs containing the names of multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Andrew Lawson

Disinformation Playhouse
a muted-color ecthing containing a Last Supper satire featuring rubber ducks in costumes of famous television and movie characters in the middle of the super market with a person psuhing a shopping cart in the background.

Andrew Lawson

Last Ducky Supper
a six-leveled sculpture holding a black conatiner at the bottom, red roses above, then a single cactus, above that there is a small thinking sculpture, then there is a level that has little wooden bars with the words "I MY ME MINE" behind the bars and then the Washington Monument on top.

Haesook Lee

Old Self II (The Pride of Life)
 red and blue cursive lettering for a poem: Even in a Nation which Honors the Right to Speak, a Heart knows what Cannot be Said.

Christopher Leitch

reverse charges
 multple masks in various colors with some containing the text of poem.

Carolyn Liesy

Each of us has a name, ...
a suspended piece that hangs deconstructed books in a repeated manner.

Amanda Love

Word Matter
 a wooden frame that showcases a mushroom cloud that contains different words with the numbers "45" in the middle of the cloud with the letters "WWII" beneath the mushroom cloud.

Gina M.

Chaos is the Bomb
 a circle plate with the "Arm & Hammer" logo on top with a rip towards the bottom of the plate.

Connie Major

an open zipper reveals a clock with a picture of the world inside of the zipper.

Connie Major

Closing In On The Eleventh Hour
a red background with black printed words that say, "A three year old shot in the mouth by four year old" across the print.

M. Robert Markovich

Gun Show 015, From the Series: Gun Show/Collateral Damage
a collage of items that range from ceramics, to metal items, and pieces of toys with a string connecting to separate items and its attached to the top of the frame.

Monica Marks

Artwork Listing
a collage of items that range from book pages  to metal grate. There is an ink drawing of a woman's body in the middle of the artwork with various slips of paper with quotes on top of the drawing.

Monica Marks

After The Pandemic
 an abstract ceramic piece that conatins the text of an Iranian poem on the left bottom side of the piece.

Shahin Massoudi

Poetic, poetry, poem, pottery
 a black ink line art protrait that showcases motifs of musical notes and other little symbols all around.

Shahin Massoudi

Self portrait
Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" holding a picture with strings attached to her with the background full of foliage and Gothic prayer book images and text.

Babette Mayor

Alice is Only a Puppet
a bust of a man with white ink that was hand-lettered on the face and the back of the head there is a target.

Jason McCormack

A Marked Man
a dark blue background with a light blue on top with red stamped words all over with a ripped piece of beige paper and there are phrases and words in black ink are shown as well.

Sarah A. Meyer

a dark blue and light blue background covered in red and black ink that shows smears, letters, and phrases with two pieces of ripped paper placed randomly.

Sarah A. Meyer

a dark blue and light blue background covered in red and black ink that shows smears, letters, and phrases with two pieces of ripped paper placed randomly.

Sarah A. Meyer

 ceramic, organic square shaped bowl. Inside of bowl is blue and outside is light grey with brown texture similar to rust as well as small black words all over the outside of the bowl.

Gail Miles

Going Across The Sea
 light grey sculpture with small cursive black words imprinted on it's surface. It is an organic shape that comes to a plateu on top and three 'legs' on bottom with an oval cut out in the middle.

Gail Miles

Dancing on the Sunnyside
 a sculpture of a pile up of suitcases. They are all white. One suitcase has 'USA' stamped on it in black.

Joy Nagy

Fragile Cargo installation
clay artwork that resembles a piece of crumpled notebook paper with black writing in a foreign language on it.

Joy Nagy

‘Give me your tired'
Artwork Listing
small sculptures of speak bubles that have small words on them in black. They hang from fishing net and make up a cluster.

Marie Nagy

12 various sizes brown clay jugs and 2 chalices. The jugs have a piece of paper plastered on the front of them with a short blurb of text on it.

Marie Nagy

purple toned print of a typewriter with other words and phrases as well as a crossword puzzle overlayed on top of it.

Christine Niswonger

Black and white illustration of the front of a city apartment.

Michael Paieda

Clay object of 3 overlapping arches of different heights and widths. Two are orange and one is yellow, but the overlpping areas are yellow, red, and orange. There are black letterforms and a drawing of a bird on the piece.

Jane Pellicciotto

Roman Arches Brooch
black pendent with gray letters painted on it. Maroon and gold shaped protrude out of the pendent.

Jane Pellicciotto

Type Collage Pendant, Gray, Red, Gold
light brown clay piece. Shape is close to a tapered hexagonal but more organic. There are black letters and numbers on it as well as orange and gold protruding shapes.

Jane Pellicciotto

Type Collage Brooch, Gold and Orange
burnt orange colored clay sculptures that look like wads of cash rubber banded together. There are 5 different 'wads' of cash made of clay sitting around and resting on each other.

Luciano Pimienta

Biyuyo de 50
brown, rust-textured thin clay sculpture of a dollar will with a dark brown string taped to it. The string is laying in a circle right next to the dollar bill which is curled.

Luciano Pimienta

100 Dollars on a String
three different rectangular sheets that are a light brown, muddy looking wash. The left most sheet is almost completely filled with drawings of dollar bills that look almost scratched out of the brown pigment that is on the surface. The second sheet (in the middle) has two rows of dollar bills that only go half way down the sheet. The last, right most sheet only has one dollar bill on it.

Luciano Pimienta

Three Ways to Make 50 Dollars
three cream colored coffee mugs with the word 'badass' carved into the outside of the mugs.

Linda Ra

Badass Espresso Mug - Carved
white sculpture of adult figures standing on a square base in the four corners. There are words coming out of their mouths in a stream. The streams each land on a childs head that stands in front of each of the edults. There is a pile of words and letters in the center.

Brian Row

Don't Dump Your Shit On Me!
Artwork Listing
salmon-colored, shiny sculpture of a blob character with arms held up holding a few coins in one hand and a small gold container in the other. The blob character has sad eyes that are looking down. It has various black letters and numbers and drawing on it.

Mick Schoon

book with brown cover and spine that says 'Octopus' in gold. The book is open and the pages are folded in. A clear piece of acrylic or plexi has an illustration of an octopus on it and is placed between the front and back of the book propping it open. The book and plexi are sitting on a rectangular base with an image or painting that resembles the surface of water. There are various seashells around the sculpture.

Nanci Schrieber-Smith

black and white print of varoius blocks with letter on them. It seems that the letters and words are backwards.

A. Seltzer

Hamlet's Dilemma-To B, or not to B
puzzle box with top listed so that you can see the puzzle pieces inside/ There are puzzle pieces outside the box resembling the start of a puzzle. This is all made of clay and utilizes red, blue and yellow and other bright colors.

Suzanne Sidebottom

Pieces of Peace
An open book sitting on a magazine or book with a bright yellow border. A postcard and pencil sit on top of the book. This is all made of clay.

Suzanne Sidebottom

Story of Mankind
Open book with a colorful fore-edge. A watercolor set with a painbrush and a painting of a sailbot rest on top of the open book. This is all made of clay.

Suzanne Sidebottom

Psyche of the Palette
Navy blue ink print on salmon colored surface. There are two hands shown sewing with a needle and thread. Cursive words read 'I Never Met My Great-Grandmother But Apparently We Had Something In Common'

Rebecca Spilecki

A Common Thread
square piece of white paper with squiggles drawn evenely in black ink. There is a border of the blank white paper around the squiggles.

Jane Springwater

Just In Time
rectangular white sheet of paper with squiggles drawn in a uniform patter. There is a border of the white paper showing around the edges.

Jane Springwater

Time Interval
artwork has illegible, blocky text going up the page created a rocky-like texture. There is a red blotch in the middle of the artwork that looks similar to blood in water.

Caryl St. Ama

Speak Truth To Power
collage of papers, crosswords, and other newspaper elements. Black and red words are printed over the collage.

Howard Steenwyk

L.A. Times - May 09, 2021
energetic, messy painting with what looks like crayon or charcoal scribbles. The background is a haze of orange, yellow, periwinkle, and dark and light grey. The letters 'XPA' are printed in a serif font over the background with each letter a different color: dark blue, dark brown, and grey.

Viviana Svidler

XPA (Expatriada)
Artwork Listing
grey sculpture of a person's clothes in the shape of them. It looks like a person on their knees with their torso bent forward so their head would be on the floor except the sculpture only shows how the person's shirt and pants would look if the person were in this position. Various different color, shape and size pills spill out of the neck of the shirt where the person's head would be.

Shoko Tanaka

Project :pills
painting of an old fashioned red car in a front facing view. All around the car is a blue, grey, and light brown pattern that resembles maybe wind or water.

Sue Steele Thomas

Turning Through The Clouds
painting of a car tire with a flower overlayed on top of it. Color pallete is mainly light blues and purples.

Sue Steele Thomas

Hibiscus on a Buick Century
colorful print featuring a seafoam green colored robot. Asian characters and the words 'Lover Boy' are on the right side of the print, alsong with a small illustration of a man in a suit with hearts as eyes. The background of the print is filled with different patterns in different vibrant colors like polka dots, triangles, stars, etc.

Chadwick Tolley

Lover Boy
colorful print featuring a robot in the middle of the piece. The color pallete is yellow, blue, and pinnk. The robot has fire coming out of its 'ears'. There are lots of words and images crowded around the robot.

Chadwick Tolley

Robot Boy
sculpture of an & sign. It is a dark brown color and looks very industrial. It has belts and knobs on it.

Cecilia Torres

Ampersand 21
table that looks like it would be in a professional kitchen. On the table rests three pieces of blue cray that are shaped and painted to resemble bandanas. There are two note cards with cursive writing on them in the bandanas. One reads 'I can't breate' and the other says 'Share my breath'

Elizabeth Vorlicek

Rescue Breathing
painting divided into three vertical sections. the left is yelloe and shows a flying chicken/bird with flowers on the ground and a pale yellow background. The middle panel hows a person in a bowler hat with a blue chicken in front of their face. The background is royal blue and there is a pale yellow moon. The person's hand is holding what looks like a lighter on a red table. The right panel shows a helicopter and a chicken with wings spread. The words 'she alights her roost' are in the bottom right corner.

Sylvia Solochek Walters

She Alights on Her Roost
three sheets of paper laid out in a row. All of the sheets are an off-white, yellowed colored. They have different variations of blue numbers and letters printed overtop of what looks like a screenplay that is on the papers.

Ting Wang

Underground Letters (V2)
artwork with black background. There are thin, silky-looking white lines in a flowing, organic shape. They mak up small groups and are reminiscent of the way mist or steam moves. There are 4 sets of two small asian characters at the bottom of the piece

Ting Wang

sculpture that looks like two stone tablets. The piece on the left is an organic, tall rectangle shape. It has words in a foreign language engraved in it. There is what looks to be a tiny animal skull and a fish hook dangling from the skull. The skull is sitting on a small ledge at the bottom. The two slabs are connected in what looks to be the fashion of a hinge. The right slab has 5 small cut outs, each containing small bones or viles. There is a loose illustration of a person's head, and a smaller face.

Barbara Weidell

Prayer to Morrigan
artwork of a fake dollar bill modeled after the US $1 bill. It says 'The United Globe For Health' 'Corona Cash'. There are other sayings written into the design like 'we're all in this together' and 'one world effort'. The president in the center of the bill is wearing a surgical mask.

Karen Whitman

Corona Cash
Artwork Listing
sculpture of a dark grey obelisk with 3 calligraphic asian characters written in a collumn. There is a light grey lotus flower atop the obelisk and a small buddah figure with pink cheecks and hands raised into a prayer position sitting in the lotus flower. The sculpture sits on a worn piece of wood.

Kathy Yoshihara

sculpture in a wooden box that has an open side. In the wooden box there is a clay woman leaning over a suitcase, examining what looks to be a photograph. There is a quote behind her that says 'must I deny my heritage to be accepted as an AMERICAN? -Unknown

Kathy Yoshihara

clay sculpture of upsidedown cone with black words transfered onto it. There are decorative borders on the cone and a face in the middle of it. Above the cone there is a twirl with a man's head who is wearing a tuban attached to the swirl shape. There is another head on top of his turban. The sculpture is a very light grey/white color with some small gold accents.

Sigrid Zahner

The Old Ways are the Best Ways
Artwork Listing

Juror's Choice Awards and Honorable Mentions

Juror's Choice Honorable Mentions
Ink Juror's Choice:
Dave Lefner

Ink Juror’s Choice Honorable Mention

Robert Alexander Terrain/Tirer Parti_01, 2020 survey card, magazine letraset type, ink 26 x 12” Image use courtesy of the artistItem 001.001 - Ink Used in Creation of Work
Robert Alexander

Terrain/Tirer Parti_01, 2020
survey card, magazine letraset type, ink
41 x 12”
Image use courtesy of the artist

Ink Juror’s Choice Honorable Mention 

Andra Broekelschen
Item 008.012 - Ink Used in Creation of Work
Andra Broekelschen
The Little Black Dress, 2019
monotype print oil-based ink on old prayer book pages
43 x 31”
Image use courtesy of the artist


Juror's Choice Honorable Mentions
Clay Juror's Choice:
Keiko Fukazawa

Clay Juror’s Choice Honorable Mention

shoko tanaka
Item 051.077 - Clay Used in Creation of Work
Shoko Tanaka
Project :pills, 2021
grazed ceramic, acrylic paint
21 x 24.5 x 27”
Image use courtesy of the artist 

Clay Juror’s Choice Honorable Mention

Marie Nagy Voices, 2021 porcelain 35 x 45 x 28” Image use courtesy of the artist
Item 036.055 - Clay Used in Creation of Work
Marie Nagy
Voices, 2021
35 x 45 x 28”
Image use courtesy of the artist


Juror's Choice Honorable Mentions
Curatorial Juror's Choice:
Kristine Schomaker 

Curatorial Juror’s Choice Honorable Mention in Ink

Just in Time by Jane SpringwaterItem 047.072 - Ink Used in Creation of Work
Jane Springwater

Just In Time, 2016
drawing; ink on paper
48 x 48 x 2”
Image use courtesy of the artist

Curatorial Juror’s Choice Honorable Mention in Clay

Kathy Yoshihara Mieko, 2021 cone 10 stoneware, found box, computer generated art 17.75 x 13.25 x 6.5” Image use courtesy of the artistItem 060.100 - Clay Used in Creation of Work
Kathy Yoshihara
Mieko, 2021
cone 10 stoneware, found box, computer generated art
17.75 x 13.25 x 6.5”
Image use courtesy of the artist 


Jurors' Choice 2nd Place Prize Awards
 Jurors’ Choice 2nd Place Clay Prize Award

Luciano Pimienta Biyuyo de 50, 2020 terra-cotta and wax 7.5 x 8 x 15” Image use courtesy of the artistItem 040.062 - Clay Used in Creation of Work
Luciano Pimienta
Biyuyo de 50, 2020
terra-cotta and wax
7.5 x 8 x 15”
Image use courtesy of the artist 


Jurors’ Choice 2nd Place Ink Prize Award

Disinformation Playhouse by Andrew LawsonItem 023.034 - Ink Used in Creation of Work
Andrew Lawson
Disinformation Playhouse, 2020
24 x 18”
Image use courtesy of the artist 


Jurors' Choice 1st Place Prize Awards
Jurors’ Choice 1st Place Clay Prize Award

Jason McCormack A Marked Man, 2018 sculpted in clay, casted in aqua resin, ink hand-lettering. 30 x 19 x 17” Image use courtesy of the artistItem 032.046 - Clay (Combined Use of Ink & Clay)
Jason McCormack
A Marked Man, 2018
sculpted in clay, casted in aqua resin,
ink hand-lettering.
30 x 19 x 17”
Image use courtesy of the artist 

Jurors’ Choice 1st Place Ink Prize Award

The Radiant Republic by Sarah BryantItem 009.051 - Ink Used in Creation of Work
Sarah Bryant

The Radiant Republic, 2019
letterpress on paper, housed in wood,
glass, cement
11 x 7 x 5”
Image use courtesy of the artist

Jurors’ Choice 1st Place Combination Ink & Clay Prize Award

Joy Nagy ‘Give me your tired' from the The New Colossus series, 2020 white porcelain clay and paper QR code, sixteen translations in various languages approx. 11 x 7.5 x 0.25” each Image use courtesy of the artistItem 035.052/54 - Combined Use of Ink & Clay
Joy Nagy
‘Give me your tired' from the The New Colossus series, 2020
white porcelain clay and paper QR code, sixteen translations
in various languages
approx. 11 x 7.5 x 0.25” each
Image use courtesy of the artist

Ink & Clay 45

TikTok Honorable Mentions Announcement

Watch our TikTok announcing the Ink & Clay 45 Honorable Mentions! This video showcases close-ups of all the honorable mention award winning artworks!

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TikTok First and Second Place Award Winners Announcement

Watch our TikTok announcing the Ink & Clay 45 First and Second place winners! This video showcases close-ups of all the award winning artworks!

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Gallery Views

Installation View, Title Wall, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Title Wall, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.


Installation View, Front East Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Front East Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.


Installation View, Front West Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Front West Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.


Installation View, Corridor of Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Corridor of Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.


Installation View, Back Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Back Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.


Installation View, Back Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Back Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.


Installation View, Back Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual ExhibitionInstallation View, Back Gallery, "Ink & Clay 45" Virtual Exhibition.

-Virtual Exhibition

Ink & Clay 45 The Art of Type

Screen capture of the front of the virtual gallery. There are two large sculptures outside the gallery. One is colorful and '0' shaped. The other is metallic and shaped like a geometric 'S'

About the Virtual Exhibition

The Ink & Clay 45 Virtual Exhibition is a 1GB downloadable file. It is an application-based file. It can take up to 5 minutes to download and 3 minutes to open. This Virtual Exhibition is only downloadable on computer desktops and not intended to be downloaded nor viewed on a smaller device such as a cell phone or tablet.

Download Info

System Requirements:
MacOS 10.14.6 or higher/Windows 10 required.

Downloading Instructions:
Download the zipped folder for your operating system and follow the steps below to enjoy our exhibition.
The application is not made by an Apple or Windows developer so a warning may prevent immediate operation of the file. This is normal for software offered outside the app store.
To start the exhibition with a MAC, right click on the executable file with the Ink & Clay 45 logo. Select "open" from the three options. If it does not work the first time, it should on the second try. 
To start with a PC, double click the .exe file and give permission when Windows asks.

Navigating Through the Exhibition

How to navigate: Navigate the space using a combination of mouse and keyboard.

To Move:
W=Move Forward          S= Move Backwards

A=Move Left                  D= Move Right
Use Mouse to Interact/Navigate:
When mouse cursor becomes a “hand” you can interact with the artwork. Clicking and dragging moves the view.
1. Click on the art object for the alternate views, captions, and artist statements.
2. Move close to monitors or books on stands to automatically activate videos or animate books.

Close App: Esc

Note: You can also use a game controller in combination with mouse.

To review the Ink & Clay 45 Virtual Exhibition please review and/or download the following according to your needs:

Download Here

 The first button will download the virtual exhibition for any Windows users. The second button will download the virtual exhibition for any MAC users. The third button has a PDF of the instructions for the virtual exhibition. The fourth is an instructional video showing you how to download the exhibitions.


Download WIN           Download MAC            Instructions PDF            I&C 45 VE Instruction Video
screen capture of inside of virtual gallery. Various modern artworks made using ink and clay are displayed throughout the gallery