College of the Extended University

Current Students

Current international students can find important information, resources and forms that affect your immigration standing, visa benefits and your overall international student experience. We encourage you to take some time and read through the various sections and improve your understanding of your Visa standing.



For appointments:


International Center

Building 1, Room 104

Kelly McCullen

Walk-in Hours (10 minutes):

Wednesday 9am-1pm

Family (Last) Names:

  • B, D, H, I, J, T, V, W
  • Exchange Students
  • Exchange Scholars/Visitors

Rigzin Norbu-Win

Walk-in Hours (10 minutes):

Tuesday 9am-1pm

Family (Last) Names:

  • A, G, K, M, P, R, X, Z
  • Masters of Interior Architecture

Mika Ozaki-Gonzales

Walk-in Hours (10 minutes):

Thursday 9am-1pm

Family (Last) Names:

  • C, E ,F, L, N, O ,Q ,S, U, Y