Apparel Technology Research Center

Apparel Technology & Research Center

Where Industry and Academia Meet


To provide outreach services to the apparel and sewn products industry, including information services, continuing education and training, consulting and applied research, and technology demonstration.



Technology Innovation, Advocacy and Demonstration

Prototyping and demonstrating the integration of existing and emerging technologies including 3D body-scanning, 2D and 3D computer-aided design, virtual reality, e-commerce, digital printing, digital cutting, computer integrated manufacturing, and logistics.

Promoting the possibilities to the industry at events on campus, in the southern California area and at international venues, including MAGIC, and the World Conference on Mass Customization, Personalization, and Co-Creation.


Educational Project Grants

ATRC-funded projects that promote faculty and student interaction with the apparel, textile and related sectors.  Projects involving student and faculty interaction with companies and industry organizations that advance apparel education, and faculty and student professional development.


Client-Sponsored Applied Research and Development Projects

Faculty and students are available to work on small scale research and development products that help companies advance their agenda.

Market research

From research design, through primary and secondary data collection, to results, analysis and presentation to executives. Faculty are available who specialize in consumer behavior, market research, and retail studies focused on the apparel and footwear sectors.

Industry analysis

Analysis of industry size, structure, companies, and competitive dynamics, including technological change and impact of government policies.  Faculty are available specializing in strategic management in apparel, textiles and footwear, including company and industry analysis.

Product Testing

Product testing and development services for product development in our comprehensively-equipped lab.  Faculty are available specializing in garment technical design, hi-performance apparel, wearable technologies, textile materials, coloration, and textile testing.


Education and Training

The ATRC can provide education and training for operatives and executives from basic knowledge of apparel and textiles through executive education on emerging technologies, markets, competition and branding.

The department offers a diverse array of courses that can be taken by non-enrolled students via our College of the Extended University.  Courses embrace the following topics:

Apparel Product Development and Production

  • Garment Construction
  • Digital Illustration for Product Line Development
  • Product Development Strategies
  • Pattern-making (manual and 2D and 3D computer-aided design CAD)
  • Technical Design
  • Tech Packs
  • Apparel Manufacturing

Fashion Marketing

  • American Demographics and Lifestyles
  • Apparel Consumer Behavior
  • Omni-channel Fashion Communications
  • Fashion Brand Development and Promotion
  • Global Apparel Industry Dynamics

Fashion Distribution

  • Fashion wholesaling and retailing
  • Buying
  • Sourcing and supply chain management

Textiles and Coloration

  • Textile Science
  • Textile Yarn and Fabric Structures
  • Textile Testing
  • Color Science
  • Digital Textile Printing