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Undergraduate Student Reseacher Profiles

The goal of creating Student Profiles is to educate students about research and inherently spark their interest of conducting research of their own. Research is a particularly advantageous skill to incorporate into higher education and one’s career, yet many students are not aware of the opportunities at Cal Poly Pomona. Through the various works of research students across all disciplines, we aim to embolden students to conduct research so that they may gain knowledge and develop abilities that can assist them in the future.

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George Matta

Computer Science

Zoe Nelson


Alyssa Tran

Chemical Engineering

Marlene Colin

Psychology '22

Ethan Charavin

Chemistry '25

Gabrielle Rodriguez

Animal Science '23

Maya Shattuck

Biology '22

Nairi Azazian

Biology '23

Nicole Avila

Chemistry '22

Mia Miller

Philosophy (Law and Society) '22

Aliann Safavi

English '22

Jezzabella Jimenez

Communication Studies '22

Rogine Gomez

Chemical Engineering '21

Daniela Navarro

Psychology '21

Destiny Alvarez

English - Applied Language Option '21

Zuhayr Khan

Biotechnology '21

Karina Ortiz Villa

Philosophy '21
female student in a floral print shirt smiling confidently

Rosa Ramirez

Marketing Management '20
Male student in a burgundy shirt smiling confidently

Ashish Hingle

MS in Business Administration '20
female student smiling confidently

Aksha Baratan

Hospitality Management '20
Male student in a blue shirt smiling confidently

Daniel Trejo

Mechanical Engineering '20
Female student smiling confidently

Sarah Moore

Psychology '20
Student wearing an atypical headgear and holding an origami swan

Daniel Aley

Graphic Design '19
Student in a suit smiling confidently

Albert Fattal

Science, Technology & Society '19
Female student in a white shirt posing confidently

Grendha Ramos

International Business & Marketing '19
Female student in a blazer confidently posing

Laura Da Silva

Psychology '18
Male student in a suit confidently posing outdoors and resting his left hand on a light

William Atienza

Sociology '18
female student wearing a green staff polo and posing

Jessica Saucedo

Psychology '18
Male student in a well decorated room crossing arms and confidently posing

Byron Trinh

Biology '18
Male student wearing a polo and posing outdoors

Viral Shukla

Food Science & Technology '20
Female student wearing a polo and posing for a picture outside the

Violeta Villagomez

Spanish '16
Female student in an elephant print tank top posing

Renee Estephan

Biology '16
Male student in a shirt and tie confidently smiling

James Roska

Chemical Engineering '16
Student in a staff shirt posing

Sofia Pedroza

Sociology '16
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