Office of Admissions

COVID-19 FAQs for Fall 2020 Transfers

As a newly admitted transfer student, you probably have a lot of questions about your admissions and enrollment for Fall 2020. Below is valuable information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for our newest Cal Poly Pomona Broncos!

Cal Poly Pomona is and will be OPEN –

CSU campuses are currently planning for the majority of classes to be taught virtually in fall 2020, to ensure health, safety and welfare of our students, faculty and staff, and based on the evolving data surrounding the progression of COVID-19 – current and as forecast throughout the 2020-21 academic year. 

Although, the majority of classes will be online, student support services are open virtually now and will remain open in the fall including academic advising, student health centers, student mental health services, basic needs resources, student tutoring, and career services. Campuses are working hard to ensure engaging and quality instruction and the building of virtual communities including student clubs and organizations.

For more information on COVID related policy changes from the Chancellor's Office, click here.

All transfer students are provisionally admitted based on self-reported information. Verification of your A2 (Written Communication) and B4 (Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning) is still required for your Fall 2020 admission.  We are reviewing transcripts and processing your transfer credit in order of orientation date.  Prior to your orientation date, we will review your transcript for completion of (A2 - English composition and B4 -Math/Quantitative reasoning) requirements and remove your hold. 

For instructions on how to submit your final official transcripts, visit If you have already submitted your final college transcripts, please allow 2-3 weeks for final review.

If you are taking A2 and/or B4 in the summer, please email an unofficial transcript to to have your hold removed. Include your BroncoID in this email with subject line: “Golden 4 verification.”


Yes, we will accept Credit or Pass for college courses taken in Winter, Spring or Summer 2020 this will include classes to satisfy:

· Golden Four – Oral Communication (A1), Written Communication (A2), Critical Thinking (A3), and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)

· General Education courses

· Major Prep requirements

As long as you complete 48 transferable semester units (or 72 quarter units) AND you have completed Written Communication (A2) and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4) by the end of Summer 2020, your admission will NOT be rescinded

Your admission will NOT be rescinded if you are unable to satisfy the supplemental courses required for impacted majors. However, be advised you will still need to fulfill these preparation course requirements at Cal Poly Pomona.

Yes, you are able to take courses during Summer. Please make sure to submit your final official transcript to Cal Poly Pomona.

Your Cal Poly Pomona academic advisor will work with you to enroll in the appropriate general education and major preparation courses to fulfill lower division requirements.

All new students are provisionally admitted based on self-reported information from your Cal State Apply application. You will remain as provisionally admitted until your final college transcript have been received and reviewed for admission requirements. Provisionally admitted students still move forward with other enrollment activities such as orientation and course registration.

There are several things to keep in mind when making a decision for Fall 2020:

· If you are an upper division transfer applicant, you may have reached the maximum allotted time at the community college that you are attending.

· Unit Caps – A maximum of 70 semester units (or 105 quarter units) transferred from community colleges may be applied toward the cumulative unit requirement for a bachelor's degree at CPP.

· Financial Aid – Staying an additional year at the community college could have an impact on the amount of federal and/or state financial aid that is available as you transition to Cal Poly Pomona. We recommend you speak to the Financial Aid Department at your college before finalizing your decision.

· Program Availability – We do not guarantee that the program to which you were admitted for Fall 2020 with be available on the Cal State Apply application for the next term.

· Program Capacity – The capacity for each program varies per term. As a result, it is not guaranteed that you will be admitted for next term even though you were admitted for Fall 2020 because the campus may not be able to accommodate all the applications that we receive.

Final college transcripts are due to Cal Poly Pomona by July 15.

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Cal Poly Pomona is requesting that you send your Final Official Transcripts electronically. If your sending institution does not offer electronic transcripts, we recommend using the following services:

· National Student Clearinghouse
· Credential Solutions

If sending PDF transcripts, please indicate the recipient email as “”

Important: Do NOT send to yourself and then forward to "" or they will be considered unofficial, they must be sent directly to the email address above. 

Should these services not be available for your sending institution, please mail to:

Cal Poly Pomona
Attn: Admissions & Enrollment Planning
3801 W. Temple Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768

*Please do not open transcripts; otherwise, they will be considered unofficial and we will not be able to accept them. Allow 2 week for transcripts to be processed and reflected on your “to-do” list.

Credit or Pass will be accepted for courses completed in Winter, Spring and Summer 2020 taken to satisfy:

· Golden Four – Oral Communication (A1), Written Communication (A2), Critical Thinking (A3), and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)

· General Education courses

· Major Prep requirements

Cal Poly Pomona does not defer admission, except in the following cases with required supporting documentation:

  • military service, training or deployment
  • difficulties obtaining a student visa for US study
  • extenuating circumstances due to such as medical reasons (including those related to COVID 19)
If you are requesting a deferment, you must provide evidence documenting your reason for an admission deferral.

Students must enroll for the term for which they were admitted.  The campus does not allow for a “leave of absence” or enrollment “stop out” for one’s first term at the university.  If you are not ready to begin your studies at CPP this Fall 2020, you must reapply for admission for a different term.