Office of Admissions

Transfer Admission FAQ

transfer admission faq

Cal Poly Pomona knows that the admission process can be confusing and we want to help make it easier. Our FAQ below will help answer any questions our prospective and newly admitted students may have.

Admission Decision & Status

Cal Poly Pomona does not defer admission, except in the following cases with required supporting documentation: 

  • Military service, training or deployment
  • Difficulties obtaining a student visa for US study
  • Extenuating circumstances as a result of significant medical reasons
If you are requesting a deferment, you must provide evidence documenting your reason for an admission deferral.

All new students are provisionally admitted based on self-reported information from your Cal State Apply application. Applicants will remain as provisionally admitted until final college transcript have been received and reviewed for admission requirements. Provisionally admitted students still move forward with other enrollment activities such as orientation and course registration.

Students must enroll for the term for which they were admitted.  The campus does not allow for a “leave of absence” or enrollment “stop out” for one’s first term at the university.  If you are not ready to begin your studies at CPP this Fall 2024, you must reapply for admission for a different term.

General Admission Questions

As a result of COVID-19, we will accept Credit or Pass for college courses taken in Winter, Spring or Summer 2020 Winter, Spring Summer or Fall 2020 and Winter, Spring 2021 this will include classes to satisfy:

  • Golden Four – Oral Communication (A1), Written Communication (A2), Critical Thinking (A3), and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)
  • General Education courses
  • Major prerequisite courses

  • Applicants who have made errors to their biodemographic information (social security number, date of birth, name, ect.) can request changes by uploading the necessary documents via our Admissions Secure Document Upload.
  • Transfer applicants will be able to update their coursework in January. An e-mail will be sent to all applicants (Falll applicants only)
  • Transfer applicants cannot change their major or other information not listed above

There are several things to keep in mind when making a decision::

  • If you are an upper division transfer applicant, you may have reached the maximum allotted time at the community college that you are attending.
  • Unit Caps – A maximum of 70 semester units (or 105 quarter units) transferred from community colleges may be applied toward the cumulative unit requirement for a bachelor's degree at CPP.
  • Financial Aid – Staying an additional year at the community college could have an impact on the amount of federal and/or state financial aid that is available as you transition to Cal Poly Pomona. We recommend you speak to the Financial Aid Department at your college before finalizing your decision.
  • Program Availability – We do not guarantee that the program to which you were admitted for the current term will be available on the Cal State Apply application for the next term.
  • Program Capacity – The capacity for each program varies per term. As a result, it is not guaranteed that you will be admitted for next term even though you were admitted for the current term, because the campus may not be able to accommodate all the applications that we receive.

Transfer Requirements

All admissions requirements, (golden four, 60 transferable units and supplemental course work if required of your major) must be completed by the end of:

  • Spring term (for Fall CPP admission/enrollment)
  • Summer term (for Spring CPP admission/enrollment)

Courses may be taken in summer at your current college only if it is above and beyond the transfer requirements.

If you drop or fail a class that is not being used to meet one or all of our admission requirements the likelyhood that this will impact your admissions is minimal, but we cannot gurantee anything until a final evalution of your transcripts is conducted.