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Dr. Robert Nyenhuis

Dr. Robert Nyenhuis
Associate Professor of Political Science

Office Phone: 909-867-2713
Email: renyenhuis@cpp.edu
Office Location: 94-376
Office Hours: Please email
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Academic Area

Comparative Politics, International Relations

Areas of Expertise

Elections and voting behavior in the developing world

Research Statement

Dr. Nyenhuis is a faculty member in the Department of Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona. Dr. Nyenhuis teaches courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations including Latin American Politics, African Politics, and International Human Rights. His research has appeared in African Studies Review, the Journal of Modern African Studies, and the Journal of Political Science Education.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, University of California, Irvine, 2016
  • MA, University of California, Irvine, 2013
  • BA, University of Missouri, 2006

Courses Taught

Examines the political, economic, and social-cultural institutions and processes of sub-Saharan African states and regional organizations. A comparative study of major states in the region is provided, alongside analysis of regional and contemporary challenges.


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