Political Science

Judicial Internship

The next great generation of legal scholars, arbiters of justice, or candidates for the judicial bench are attending Cal Poly Pomona right now. For two decades, students interested in law careers have seen the inner workings of the criminal justice system up close thanks to Judicial Internship.

Judicial Internship provides students with an opportunity to see the courts in action. Students watch criminal cases, drug-related cases, juvenile court, and jury selection. Students meet judges, district attorneys, public defenders, and other judical system actors.

The course is taught every spring semester. Interns typically spend two days per week at the Pomona Courthouse observing cases and hearings. The class then meets every other Friday to share their observations and experiences.

2023-2024 Applications

Applications for the 2023-2024 course will be due in October 2024. Download a previous copy of the Judicial Internship application form to see an example of what is required. Students must be responsible and willing to travel to the Pomona Courthouse. For further information, please email faculty advisor Dr. Elli Menounou (emenounou@cpp.edu). 

Model OAS in Washington DC

Dr. Elli Menounou
Judicial Internship Advisor

Office: Building 94, Room 315
Email: emenounou@cpp.edu