Political Science

Faculty Advising

Each Political Science major is assigned a tenure-track faculty member as his or her advisor. To find the name of your advisor, log into BroncoDirect and click on "Student Center" on the left side of your screen. After landing on the Student Center, your advisor's names should then be listed in a box at the bottom of the page under "Program Advisor". If you need to be assigned an advisor, email our administrative coordinator, Beatriz Garcia (beatrizg@cpp.edu). 

Every major must meet with their faculty advisor once a year on a schedule determined by students' last names. Our department automatically places advising holds on your BroncoDirect account once a year. Students cannot register for classes until their advisor has cleared their advising hold. Students are responsible for emailing their advisor to schedule an appointment when an advising hold is applied. Students with a Cal Poly Pomona GPA under 2.2 are subject to at-risk advising every semester. At-risk students are encouraged to meet with department chair Dr. Mario Guerrero (mag@cpp.edu) prior to registering for courses.  

Advising Holds for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

Last Name Begins With Next Advising Hold is in... Date Hold Applied Registration Begins
A through M Fall Semester 2023 October 2023 October 16, 2023
N through Z Spring Semester 2024 April 2024 April 9, 2024

Advising Meetings

Advising serves a couple of purposes. One is to assist students with course selection. A second is to provide career advice to students who may be wondering "what to do" with their political science degree.

Before meeting with your advisor, you should review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) in BroncoDirect to see how the coursework you have already completed fits into your overall program of study. The Office of Student Success provides this helpful YouTube video to help you read your DPR. You should also have reviewed potential course offerings for the next quarter. Most advisors will meet with advisees during their office hours. If those hours conflict with your class or work schedule, contact your advisor by e-mail to set up an alternate time.

Political Science Faculty Advisors

Dr. Neil Chaturvedi

Dr. Brady Collins

Dr. Mario Guerrero

Dr. Laureen Hom

Dr. Mary Anne Mendoza

Dr. Elli Menounou

Dr. Robert Nyenhuis

Dr. Renford Reese

Dr. Marc Scarcelli

University Advising

Outside of the department, there are plenty of opportunities to seek advising. 

  • Bronco Advising Center (BAC): The university has its own advising center, open to all majors across the university. They are also available for virtual advising drop-ins, typically weekdays from Monday to Friday. The Registrar and Office of Financial Aid are also available through the BAC for virtual appointments during regular business hours. Click here to visit the Bronco Advising Center website. 
    • Location: Student Services Building, First Floor (Blue counter)
    • Email: bac@cpp.edu

Click here for join the University Student Services Zooms

  • CLASS Student Success Center: The college has a small group of advisors dedicated to advising students in the college, including political science majors. Our department's main advisor is Derick Prince. He can also be scheduled for virtual appointments, but have limited drop-in virtual hours. Click here to visit the CLASS Student Success Center website. 

CLASS Political Science Advisor
Derick Prince

Office: 5-228
Email: dtprince@cpp.edu

Derick also serves as an advisor for other academic departments in CLASS. You should also be able to make a one-on-one appointment with Derick on CPP Connect.

Click here to visit the CLASS Student Success Center website