Political Science

Study Abroad/Study Away Programs

The Department of Political Science offers students a number of different opportunities to experience politics firsthand in other regions of the country and other nations. Led by department faculty, Dr. Renford Reese, these study away & study abroad opportunities solidify the department's reputation of being able to challenge students to think critically and become citizens of the world. 

Students abroad on the UAE/Dubai Trip

Japan, Fall 2022, Thanksgiving Break

This experience is with the Model United Nations Team, who will compete in the international conference this year. This opportunity is by application only. 

Approximate Cost: $200.00
Program cost includes includes airfare, lodging, food, tours, insurance
Course Enrollment: CLS (Fall 2022)

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Palm Desert, Winter Intersession 2023, January 6-15, 2023

This experience will allow students to travel to Palm Desert and work with a variety of dynamic non-porift organizations (NGOs). Students can take a documentary filmmaking route to profile these organizations (PLS 4990) or intern with the organizations (PLS 3175).

Approximate Cost: $950.00
Program cost includes includes bus transportation, lodging, food, tours, insurance
Course Enrollment: PLS 3175 (Fall 2022) or PLS 4990 (Fall 2022), CLS 4990 (Spring 2023)

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Past Study Abroad Programs

Vancouver 2016-2019

Students traveled to Vancouver, Victoria, and Whistler to create their own nonprofit organization in this course, which included project management and grant proposals. This trip examined the missions of international NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders, MAP International, The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, CARE, and Oxfam. Learn more about the trips, student exursions, and student perspectives about the trip.

Netherlands/France/Belgium 2013-2016

As part of a course on non-governmental organizations, Dr. Renford Reese took students on a European alternative-Spring Break trip. Students learned first hand what it was like to work for a NGO. They visited world-renowned organization and took in the sights in Europe. Learn more about the trips, student excursions, and student perspectives about the trip

Ghana 2007-2011

For a number of years, Dr. Renford Reese took students to the African country of Ghana for a summer study abroad program. Students spent 12 days in Ghana, with a 3-day layover in Dubai. Learn more about the trips, student excursions, and student perspectives about the trip.

Other Study Abroad Programs

The university offers a number of study abroad programs that are hosted by other majors. Visit the International Center's website to learn more about these programs. The International Council also provides a number of different links to financial aid for students who are spending time studying in other countries. 

Dr. Renford Reese
Study Abroad/Study Away Advisor

Office: Building 94, Room 311
Email: rrreese@cpp.edu