Considering the College of Science at Cal Poly Pomona?


people engaged in biological science, computer science, kinesiology and math


As you consider colleges to attend we’d like you to consider California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Polytechnic means “skilled in many arts” and our students learn cutting-edge techniques and gain all the skills they need to begin successful careers. There are many opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research with our world-class faculty, and classes are small enough to offer one-on-one interaction with professors and colleagues. The university is ranked in the top 10 in the nation for social mobility which means our students have an edge in improving their economic situation.

Our philosophy is learn-by-doing which means you won’t just learn theories, you’ll apply them. At the College of Science we emphasize creativity, discovery, and innovation. Our expert faculty encourage students to use creative approaches that include collaboration with other disciplines and colleges. The triumph of scientific inquiry is discovery and you will find many examples of it here, from the "aha!" moment that results in creating a better microscope to the development of brainwave biometrics as unhackable passwords. Innovation abounds on our campus and the College of Science is at the forefront. Come join us.

There are seven departments in the College of Science that offer 15 undergraduate degree programs, and 6 graduate programs.

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Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion
Kinesiology (BS)
    Pedagogy (BS)
    General (BS) with emphases in:
    Exercise Science
    Health Promotion

Kinesiology (MS)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics (BS)
    Applied Mathematics/Statistics (BS)
    Secondary Teacher Prep/Pure Mathematics (BS)

Mathematics (MS)

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Physics (BS)
    General (BS)
    Biophysics (BS)
    Integrated Science (BS)

Department of Biological Sciences
    Biology (BS)
    Biotechnology (BS)
    Environmental Biology (BS)
Biological Science (MS)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry (BS)
    General Chemistry (BS)
    American Chemical Society (BS)
             A.C.S. certification
    Biochemistry (BS)

Chemistry (MS)

Department of Computer Science
Computer Science (BS)
Computer Science (MS)

Department of Geological Sciences
Geology (BS)
Geology (MS)

students engaged in physics, chemistry, and geology
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