Planning an Event in the College of Science

four photos from events: research symposium, the dedication of project blue, the SEES banquet, and the dedication of the X-ray diffractometer


This page is to provide information for College of Science Staff, Faculty, and Students who are planning an event.

Students who are planning an event should start here: Event Scheduling for Student Clubs and Organizations

Currently, all campus space, including outdoor spaces, need to be reserved through 25Live. Centerpointe, Kellogg House, and Kellogg West Conference Center are exceptions. Those spaces are booked directly with those venues.


How to use 25Live

25Live Guide - Bronco Student Center

How to search for a location in 25Live

How to add your event to the CoS events calendar.

25Live FAQs

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All events require an Event Support Form be filled out and submitted to Facilities Management, License of Facilities:

Facilities Event Support Form

A Hospitality Authorization Form is required for all hospitality related expenses including, but not limited to, hosting, food and beverages, gifts, and promotional items.

Hospitality Authorization Form

In order to use college funds for your event you will need the signature of someone who is authorized to approve the spending of funds on the Hospitality Authorization Form. This may be a department chair or the Associate Dean. Be sure to gain approval from the appropriate administrator(s) before planning your event.

There may be additional forms that need to be filled out depending on the needs of your event.

Common forms and links that may be needed to plan a successful event are:

EH & S Food Safety Form (If you are intending to bring food from off campus)

CPP Safety Protocols

Release of Liability (Forms and Instructions)

Kellogg West Conference Center

Kellogg House

Campus Catering (to order food)

Please be aware of the Presidential Order: CPP faculty, and staff are REQUIRED to use Foundation services (including the bookstore, food service, catering, or campus lodging) for all state or Foundation Business. The CPPF has the sole right to waive this agreement on a case-by-case basis, depending on the circumstances of the event.

If you’re using college funds to pay for food for your event you are also required to state the purpose of your event, provide a flyer or program AND a sign in sheet or attendance log that identifies attendees by category: student, staff, faculty, alumni, donors. You will need to send the statement of the purpose of your event, a flyer or program, and a list of attendees by category to the appropriate accounting staff who is handling payment of your order.

Eventbrite allows for event registration and electronic check-in, making it easy to generate the required attendee list. There is now a $10 fee for using Eventbrite for any event of 25 or more attendees. You can also use MS Forms to take RSVP's. If you prefer a paper sign-in sheet, you can use this SIGN-IN SHEET, saved as a Word document to allow for editing.

Weekend or off hours events may incur additional costs. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REQUESTING A KEY (in advance) OR CONTACTING THE UNIVERSITY POLICE DEPARTMENT TO OPEN BUILDINGS DURING OFF HOURS. Doors to buildings should not be propped open.

If you’re planning to take photos at your event you may also post this EVENT PHOTO NOTICE in your event space. You may want to include this language in your event invitation as well:

Staff Photographers and/or news media may be present at this event.
By attending this event, you give Cal Poly Pomona College of Science the right to use photographs or video/audio recordings taken of you during the event for educational or promotional purposes and for sharing with external news media.

If you do not wish to appear in photographs or be recorded, please notify the event organizer prior to attending.


If you are having guests coming to campus whether it is for a tour, event, to dine or other activity, please share the following messaging with the guest prior to their arrival:

Please do not come to Cal Poly Pomona campus if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or are under quarantine or isolations orders. Adherence to all campus protocols is required.

If you have a COVID-19 incident within seven days after visiting the Cal Poly Pomona campus, please complete the Safer Return Self-Reporting Form for Guests.


1.     Start your planning far in advance. A minimum of 4 weeks is recommended to allow time for promotion of your event to maximize attendance and ensure that other departments on campus have adequate time to provide support. If your event features a special guest, be sure to request or find a high-resolution picture of them well in advance so it can be used in your promotional materials.

2.     You may want to use Eventbrite. It is a good RSVP/Registration site that allows for the capture of information such as email, phone number, and whether the attendee is a student, staff, faculty, or alumni. Eventbrite will also allow for electronic check-in of attendees.  There is now a fee for using Eventbrite if you have 25 or more attendees. Be aware that if you publish an Eventbrite event as a public event, it will allow people outside of the campus community to see the event and register. Another option is to create a registration form in MS Forms.

3.     Allow adequate set up time immediately before your event. If your presenter/speaker is using a PowerPoint or Audio/Visual presentation, allow at least 20-30 minutes to load and run through their presentation and/or test projectors, microphones, etc.

4.     Allow time to clean or arrange your event space. The amount of time will vary depending on the space and number of attendees.

5.     If ordering food from Campus Catering, you should generally request it be delivered (or picked up and brought to your venue) at least 30 minutes before the beginning of your event.

6.     If you’re requesting support and/or resources from the Dean’s Office, do it several weeks before your event. 

7.     Send reminder emails to registrants. This helps increase attendance.

8.     Allow time for clean up after your event. If you’ve scheduled your event to end at 1 p.m. during U-hour and there’s a class that starts at one you will have no time to clean the room and students will be trying to enter before your event ends. Allow a buffer of at least 15 minutes after your event when you schedule it. 

If you have additional questions about an event you’re considering or planning that takes place in the College of Science you can contact Communications and Events Coordinator, Dan Griggs., (909) 869-4505.

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