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Advisory boards are a great benefit to colleges. The College of Science Advisory Board is an integral part of the philanthropic efforts that support the college.  They also provide an industry perspective, allowing educators to anticipate trends, understand the needs of industry, and better prepare students to enter the workforce.

“Our Dean’s Circle provides a valuable link to the community that benefits both students and the companies that hire them. This is our first advisory group and we’re lucky to have such a variety of expertise to support our mission,” said Dean Baski.

The Dean’s Circle was formed in 2020 during the pandemic. One of the challenges for the College of Science is that the college has seven departments representing seven very different disciplines. The Dean’s Circle started with six members and now has nine. In addition to the members shown here, other original members included Mohammad Virani, President of the Ernest Prete Jr. Foundation, and a supporter of STEM education through the Prete Fellowships, and Jeffrey Eppink (’79, earth sciences) President and founder of Enegis, LLC .

Dean’s Circle members support the college of science with an annual financial commitment and also assist in acquiring funding for science programs and students.

The group hosted career panels for students in fall 2021 and spring 2022, providing valuable information and advice.