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Senior Conference

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Friday, February 23, 2018 | 9:00am-5:10pm

Seniors from the Department of Political Science will present their capstone projects to a campus-wide audience. This capstone experience is meant to be a synthesis and culmination of our student's time at Cal Poly Pomona. We run 15 panels in 5 sessions.

Each panel is moderated and attended by faculty of the Department of Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona. Students are given 10 minutes to present their projects and we allow a short time for Q&A session. Senior Conference is open to the campus community. Light food and refreshments will be provided.

9:00-10:30am: Session #1

Examining Politics on the Left and on the Right
Panel #1: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major A

  • Hunter DavisThe Effects of Party Polarization in Congress on U.S. Voters  (Abstract)
  • Max IskievClimate Change Policy: Donations and Denial   (Abstract)
  • Sarah MankariousPolarization of the US Electorate  (Abstract)
  • Carlos NavarreteThe Current State of the Political Right: Is the Right a Place for Rational Individuals or Real Deplorables?  (Abstract)
  • Matthew PollaroThe Apolitical Voter: An Analysis of the Factors that Lead to a Politically Apathetic American  (Abstract)
  • Andrew PopCongressional Approval Rating  (Abstract)
  • Christoph TorossianWhat Does the Right-Wing Surge Mean for Europe?  (Abstract)

Ethnic Conflict, Crime, and Conflict
Panel #2: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major B

  • Success CarterA Policy Analysis of Human Sex Trafficking in Los Angeles County  (Abstract)
  • Elizabeth HernandezMedia Portrayal: American Perspectives of Drug Trafficking in Mexico  (Abstract)
  • Gaby KidaneIs Ethnic Federalism a Viable Solution to Problems of Ethnic Conflict? Using Ethiopia, Nigeria and Yugoslavia as Case Studies  (Abstract)
  • Cameron MossDoes U.S. support for Israel cause more harm than good?  (Abstract)
  • Zardana NawabiWhy Should Rape During Wartime Be Punishable as a Crime Against Humanity?  (Abstract)
  • Ana SaenzGenocide through the Eyes of Religion and Secularism: Examining the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide  (Abstract)
  • Laura YeghiazaryanWhich of the three main ethnic conflict theories best explains the ethnic violence in the post-Soviet states of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Moldova?  (Abstract)

The Justice System and Fairness
Panel #3: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major C

  • Tatiana BertirottiDo Guns Make Us Safer?  (Abstract)
  • Stephanie CortesSelf-represented Litigants in the Family Court  (Abstract)
  • Steen KneissDo ex-criminals participate in politics?  (Abstract)
  • Ismael LopezHave governmental agencies impaired the civil rights of the American people?  (Abstract)
  • Matthew OravetsCan Organized Crime Be Extinguished by Governments, And How So?  (Abstract)
  • Lauren RomanWhy do males commit domestic violence at higher rates than women?  (Abstract)
  • Esveydi SantanderChallenges Faced by Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law  (Abstract)

10:40am-12:10pm: Session #2

The Effects of Media on American Society
Panel #4: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major A

  • Renae BruceThe Effect of a Partisan Media Diet on Political Participation  (Abstract)
  • Stephany CabralMedia Influence on Presidential Elections  (Abstract)
  • Ivan GarciaHow the media changes our perception on race and ethnicity through local crimes?   (Abstract)
  • Noel MendezDo misleading proposition advertisements in the media interact and influence American Voters in California?  (Abstract)
  • Edith PerezTrump versus the media  (Abstract)
  • Aisha SiddiquiMedia Framing: The Fox News Network Framing of Islam  (Abstract)
  • Fabian VelezTweet for Tat: An Analysis of Twitter Campaigns on Election Results  (Abstract)

Security, Terrorism, and Foreign Policy
Panel #5: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major B

  • Scott BanksIslamist Terrorism: Global Jihad or Local Insurgency?  (Abstract)
  • Arman GhomiWhat policies can the United States implement to militarily dismantle ISIS and politically neutralize the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?   (Abstract)
  • Will LambdinBeyond the Caliphate: How the Islamic State may sustain ideological and operational viability in the wake of a defeated caliphate  (Abstract)
  • Jose MarquezNo Title Submitted  (Abstract)
  • Michael MartinDangers of cybercrime: Exploring cybersecurity policies within the United States  (Abstract)
  • Judy McGloverThe Effect of the Patriot Act and How its infringed on our Human Rights  (Abstract)
  • Jake MessengerRussian Roulette: Policy Options for the West in Dealing with Russian Aggression  (Abstract)

Immigration in the 21st Century
Panel #6: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major C

  • Jacinto NunoPros and Cons of Sanctuary Cities  (Abstract)
  • Nayroby OrtizIncorporating Immigrants   (Abstract)
  • Ingrid Perez FloresUncovering Immigration Reform  (Abstract)
  • Abril SerranoSupport for Undocumented Immigrants and Students based on the Public Opinion of Society  (Abstract)
  • David SoriaNo Title Submitted  (Abstract)

12:20-1:50pm: Session #3

Education in the United States
Panel #7: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major A

  • Gustavo CallejasTitle IX: Evaluating Best Practices in Sexual Misconduct Policies, Procedures, and Resources  (Abstract)
  • Athena Garcia-GunnAnalyzing The Dear Colleague Letter of 2011  (Abstract)
  • Ericka HernandezCampus mental health: A study and evaluation on Cal Poly's counseling and psychological services  (Abstract)
  • Cameron PastranoThere’s Nothing Common about Common Core  (Abstract)
  • Trevor SamahaAmerican College Students are no longer Guaranteed Supporters of Civil Liberties  (Abstract)
  • Sarita VidalEducation for everyone? The gap between low income and wealthy people in the United States  (Abstract)

Comparative Studies
Panel #8: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major B

  • Mitchell AbbottVirtue and Social Contract: A Debate with the Ancients   (Abstract)
  • Thomas GenovaThe Reality of Anti-Monopoly Laws in Wealthy Nations: A Comparative Analysis  (Abstract)
  • Jordan GomezNo Title Submitted  (Abstract)
  • Sonia GonzalezConditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America: A New Type of Social Program  (Abstract)
  • Christian MarronIs Secularism necessary in democracies?  (Abstract)
  • Jon NguyenAnalysis of the Factors Contributing to the Democratization of Vietnam  (Abstract)
  • Amanda WilliamsDoes Spreading Democracy Spread Peace?  (Abstract)

The US Court System
Panel #9: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major C

  • Aileen ChinchillaLegislatures and Courts  (Abstract)
  • Danielle CorreaIt's a New Yorker Thing: How the Big Apple Shaped the Ideology of four Supreme Court Justices.  (Abstract)
  • Tripp Hatch IIIPublic Transportation in Los Angeles County  (Abstract)
  • Kristen KhairDo Attorneys Matter: A Deeper Look at Supreme Court Decision-Making  (Abstract)
  • Shannon LeeIs the Supreme Court Becoming a Legislative Body?   (Abstract)
  • Triston MendezThe Power Minority Groups Maintain Through Lobbying  (Abstract)
  • Julie MerialesThe Challenges of the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office  (Abstract)

2:00-3:30pm: Session #4

Gender, Race, and Diversity
Panel #10: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major A

  • Saif AljayosiA Pattern of Backward Class Loyalties, Racial, and Ideological Divisions in Presidential Elections, 2000-2012  (Abstract)
  • Brittany BannerThe Underrepresentation of Women in Politics  (Abstract)
  • Katherine CamachoIncrease In Voter Restriction Legislation Caused By Racial Backlash  (Abstract)
  • Debbie EscobedoGender Saliency Equates Lack of Political Parity  (Abstract)
  • Johanna RivasThe lack of gender and ethnic diversity in the legislative branch  (Abstract)
  • Lyndi RosdailRepresenting the Minority in Congress  (Abstract)
  • Megan WarhurstDescriptive Representation: How it shapes our legislature, districts, and political process   (Abstract)

Prisons and Criminal Justice
Panel #11: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major B

  • Brittany ButlerWhat causes recidivism?  (Abstract)
  • Karen CedanoThe Importance of Correctional Programs and Their Relationship to Offender Outcome: Causes of Recidivism  (Abstract)
  • Savannah DaoThe Effects of Criminal Justice Reform in California on County Jails  (Abstract)
  • Miguel GomezDon’t shoot! Modern police brutality and the factors that lead to police brutality  (Abstract)
  • Mirtha LopezPrison recidivism rates: An analysis between the state of California and the country of Uganda  (Abstract)
  • Alina RasaA Comparative Analysis for Recidivism Reduction in the United States  (Abstract)
  • Miriam VazquezAn evaluation of the US Congress transitioning criminal rehabilitation from social welfare programs to a system of mass incarceration  (Abstract)

Public Opinion on Divisive Issues
Panel #12: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major C

  • Bradley CantrilPolice Misconduct or Justified Use of Force? An examination of the political polarization in response to controversial police incidents.  (Abstract)
  • Jorge GonzalezThe Effectiveness of Sports Protests: Colin Kaepernick   (Abstract)
  • Marilyn GuzmanPublic Opinion of Mental Health Post Deinstitutionalization  (Abstract)
  • Gregory LiMinority Representation: Do Minority Communities in America Benefit from Descriptive Representation?   (Abstract)
  • Tristen MarlerThe Welfare Queen----How Public Identity Shapes Political Marginalization, Policy, and Sympathy towards Blacks  (Abstract)
  • Ashley MishaanThe Effect of Special Interest Group Funding in Gun Legislation  (Abstract)
  • Adrian SosaFirearm Regulation and Violence Prevention in America  (Abstract)

3:40-5:10pm: Session #5

International Security
Panel #13: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major A

  • George Armenta RoldanAn evaluation of the liberalization of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)  (Abstract)
  • Jessica ArroyoThe View from the Other Side of the Border: The Effects of Emigration on Mexico  (Abstract)
  • Yareli CarrilloStates’ Migration Policies  (Abstract)
  • Martin Cerros PavanThe effects of Mexican Cartels on transnational crime  (Abstract)
  • Mark PerezVoter Turnout: Driving Factors in the recent Mexican and American Presidential Elections   (Abstract)
  • Abigel WondmnheThe Sudden Shift  (Abstract)
  • Cesar ZeladaThe Effects of United States Deportation Policies in Central America  (Abstract)

American Elections
Panel #14: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major B

  • Jennifer AparicioVoting Behaviors  (Abstract)
  • Francisco CardonaPresidential appointments: patronage v. competency and their effect on public trust  (Abstract)
  • Celina EstradaPolitical Campaigns: Are the current strategies useful and effective?  (Abstract)
  • Alex GharapetianLegislative voting: what really matters  (Abstract)
  • Nupur KattiEthnicity and Income Voting Behavior in the 2016 Presidential Election  (Abstract)
  • Joey MultariCampaign Evolution  (Abstract)
  • Esteven SanchezHow do primary systems affect electoral outcomes?  (Abstract)

Local Governments and Public Organizations
Panel #15: Bronco Student Center - Ursa Major C

  • Walter AvolevanLeadership and Online Training in Human Resources  (Abstract)
  • Emely CandrayHomelessness and Los Angeles County   (Abstract)
  • Anthony De La RosaEfficiency in Local Government  (Abstract)
  • Fernando MichelThe Comeback: Traditional executive board versus a new diverse executive board  (Abstract)
  • Alexander PinedaAn Evaluation of Public Organizations through the Theories of Public Administration  (Abstract)
  • Monika TeddawisVolunteers and Non-Profit Organizations  (Abstract)
  • Shelsye ValenciaPros and Cons: The Dichotomy of Public Administration and Policy Making: An analysis on the separation of two entities that collaborate to execute government functions  (Abstract)