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Jill Hargis

Dr. Jill Hargis

Professor and Chair of Political Science

Office Phone: 909-869-3882
Office Location: 94-316
Office Hours: M 9:00-10:50am; 1:30-2:30pm; Tu 11:00am-2:00pm; Th 10:00am-12:30pm
Full CV

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • JD, Harvard University
  • BA, University of Tennessee

Courses Taught

FALL 2019
Introduction to university and discipline of political science. Skills and resources needed to be life-long learners through the examination of selected topics in political science, including the practice of critical thinking, research skills, and career development strategies.
Selection of and preparation for an internship under faculty supervision. Development of a plan for identifying an internship opportunity related to career goals and conduct a search, apply, and be selected for an appropriate internship. Preparation for how to learn from and apply lessons from the internship shall be covered in meetings with the instructor.


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