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The Department of Political Science at Cal Poly, Pomona, supports the "polytechnic" philosophy of "learning by doing" and encourages its majors to undertake an internship as part of their academic program. There are several internships available to students in the California Government every year on a competitive basis and several well-established internship programs in Washington, D.C. There are also many internships that "pop up" unexpectedly. We maintain an internship database on this page that lists the various opportunities in the area. 
Dr. Jill Hargis

Interested in doing an internship?

The Department of Political Science offers its majors up to 6 units of course credit through their internship work in PLS 4421: Political Science Internship. This is a classroom experience that you can complete alongside any internship you find on your own. If you are interested in an internship as a component of your coursework, please contact our department chair Dr. Jill Hargis:

Internship Database

If you are an organization interested in recruiting interns, please contact Mario Guerrero at to be put on this list.

Ongoing Opportunities

Offered for Organization Type
Seniors Senior Internship Capstone Project
Juniors Panetta Internship Government - Legislative
Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors Judicial Internship Government - Judicial

September 2018

Last Updated Organization Type
9/20/18 Assemblyman Mike Morrell Government - Legislative
9/19/18 Sacramento State Semester Government - Legislative
9/7/18 US State Department Government - Executive

August 2018

Last Updated Organization Type
8/23/18 Sean Flynn for Congress Campaign - Republican
8/21/18 Congressional Leadership Fund Campaign - General
8/11/18 Kevin de Leon for US Senate Campaign - Democrat
8/8/18 Gavin Newsom for Governor Campaign - Democrat
8/8/18 Frank Scotto for Assembly Campaign - Republican
8/6/18 Feminist Majority Foundation Non-profit
8/6/18 JusticeCorps Government - Judiciary

Ongoing Opportunities

Senior Internship

Location: Various
Type: Senior Capstone
Requirements: Must be senior standing, committment to complete 200 hours over senior year, write 20-to-30 page paper, present their project at Senior Conference
Description: The culminating experience for the major, students can choose to do Senior Internship (in lieu of Senior Thesis) and find their own internship

Contact Name: Jill Hargis
Contact Title: Internship Instructor
Phone: 909-869-3882

Instructions to apply: Enroll in PLS 4411: Senior Internship during your last fall semester at Cal Poly Pomona

Panetta Internship

Location: Washington DC
Type: Government - Legislative
Requirements: Applicants must be currently enrolled with at least junior class status, and have a 3.0 GPA or higher in college course work, and a US citizen.
Description: Each fall the Panetta Institute hosts students for its Congressional Internship Program, beginning with a 2 week intensive in Monterey, CA and continuing in Washington, D.C. through mid-November.

Contact Name: Sara Garver
Contact Title: Associate Dean
Phone: N/A

Instructions to apply: Access the application here, typically due in February

Panetta Interns from the Political Science Department:
2013 - Bryce Brady and Kaitlin Ward
2015 - Nafisa Ahmed and Mary Ashley Cherney
2016 - Naomi Alexander and Joshua Ebiner

Judicial Internship

Location: Los Angeles region
Type: Government - Judicial
Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior with an overall GPA of 3.0
Description: A class offered during spring semester, students meet judges, district attorneys and public defenders. Students will also have the opportunity to watch criminal cases, drug cases, juvenile court, jury selection, and much more.

Contact Name: Jill Hargis
Contact Title: Internship Instructor
Phone: 909-869-3882

Instructions to apply: Call for applications are out typically in October

September 2018

Assemblyman Mike Morrell

Location: Riverside, San Bernardino
Type: Government - State
Requirements: Prospective Interns must be on the path of obtaining a bachelor’s degree (in any major) and have a demonstrated interest in state government and public service. The intern must possess good written and verbal communication skills. Reliable transportation is required.
Description: Depending on the candidates abilities, experience, and interests, internships can cover a wide variety of responsibilities, including but not limited to preparing reports, researching specific issues and compiling information to respond to constituent inquiries, assisting with community outreach efforts, introductory communications work, media archiving, data input, and performing general office duties

Contact Title: Nick Calero and Melissa Boyd
Phone: 909-919-7739
Email: &

Instructions to apply: Send resume to emails

Sacramento State Semester

Location: Sacramento CA
Type: Government - State
Requirements: Sacramento Semester students must be in their junior or senior year. Among selection criteria are grade-point average, strong writing skills, employment history, and extra curricular activities.
Description: The Sacramento Semester Program offers you, as a student at one of the 23 California State University campuses or other colleges or universities, the opportunity to work with members of the Legislature, the executive branch, or with political associations and lobbyists during a 4 ½ month internship.

Contact Title: Brady Collins
Phone: 909-869-3573

Instructions to apply: Submit application by November 2

US State Department

Location: Washington DC
Type: Government - Federal
Requirements: Applicants should be pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree, on at least a part-time basis, with at least a 3.0 GPA or higher. College juniors, seniors, or graduate students with at least 60 credit hours are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. US citizenship required.
Description: The Department of State tries to provide student interns with opportunities both educationally and professionally substantive in nature. The purpose of the program is to provide students with insight into the work of U.S. foreign policy and the administration of the U.S. Department of State and its diplomatic facilities around the world. Specific duties and responsibilities vary according to the domestic office or overseas post of assignment.

Contact Title: Student Programs Office
Phone: 202-261-8888

Instructions to apply: Apply at the website

August 2018

Sean Flynn for Congress

Location: San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga
Type: Campaign - Republican
Requirements: Excellent verbal and written communications skills, a willingness to learn about politics, and a positive attitude. Experience in a political environment and/or coursework related to politics is preferred, but not necessary
Description: Engage in field operations and direct voter contact, represent the candidate at events, public relations, researching political topics

Contact Name: Karen Cervantes
Contact Title: Field Director
Phone: 714-737-2449

Instructions to apply: Email to apply

Congressional Leadership Fund

Location: Southern California
Type: Campaign
Requirements: N/A
Description: Campaign strategy, voter targeting and contact, grassroots organizing, discussion of issues, national media coverage

Contact Name: Chris Boyle
Contact Title: N/A
Phone: N/A

Instructions to apply: Email to apply

Kevin De Leon for US Senate

Location: Los Angeles
Type: Campaign - Democrat
Requirements: N/A
Description: Phone banking, energetic, voluntary basis

Contact Name: Michelle Bertinelli
Contact Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 818-694-2790

Instructions to apply: Email resume to apply

Gavin Newsom for Governor

Location: Los Angeles
Type: Campaign - Democrat
Requirements: No prior campaign experience is needed
Description: Interns: day-to-day tasks for campaign, hands-on role

Contact Name: Joe Shea
Contact Title: Field Director - Southern California
Phone: N/A

Instructions to apply: Email resume using "Campaign Intern" and indicate "LA office" in subject line

Frank Scotto for Assembly

Location: Torrance
Type: Campaign - Republican
Requirements: Good communication skills, ability to learn, clean background check
Description: Canvassing, voter outreach, event staffing, communication, phone banking

Contact Name: Barry E. Young, Sr.
Contact Title: N/A
Phone: 714-625-6862

Instructions to apply: Email resume and availability

Feminist Majority Foundation

Location: Beverly Hills
Type: Non-profit
Requirements: Resume, Cover letter, 3 page writing sample, 2 references
Description: Civic engagement on college campuses, research related to immigration, reproductive justice, voting, sexual assault, more

Contact Name: Michele Sleighel
Contact Title: Research Associate
Phone: 310-556-2500

Instructions to apply: Email documents specified in requirements


Location: Pomona Courthouse
Type: Government - Judiciary
Requirements: Online application
Description: 300 hours of volunteer work with self-help center

Contact Name: Melissa Nayotl
Contact Title: University Representative
Phone: 310-556-2500

Instructions to apply: Apply at

Types of Internships Related to Political Science

The following is a general list of internships related to political science that students might find interesting. These are supplanted by examples of internships that our students have had in the past. If you're broadening your internship search, examine some of the broader categories in this list:


1. Candidate Campaigns

2. Initiative campaigns

3. Political Parties (eg. Republican Party of Orange County, Democratic Party of Los Angeles County)

4. Representative district offices: CA Assemblyperson, CA Senator, U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator

5. Sacramento: CSU Semester in Sacramento, Sacramento legislative office

6. Washington D.C.: Panetta, CSU Fullerton DC Scholars program, legislative offices (CA members' DC offices)

7. Political consulting: (eg. Close the Gap, Clint Reilly)


1. Special districts: school districts, water districts, university administration

2. City governments: your local city gov. office (eg. Garcetti gang prevention office, Temecula emergency management office, water and utilities, school districts

3. County - Los Angeles Board of Supervisors (Hilda Solis), Orange County supervisors, San Bernadino supervisors,

4. California government agencies: Coastal commission, Water board

5. National: EEOC


1. Judicial Internship

2. Public defenders, district attorneys, county level

3. Law enforcement, parole offices, juvenile rehabilitation camps

4. Court internships

5. Justice Corps

6. Self-help centers


1. Homelessness

2. Health care (Day One)

3. Children/Youth (CASA)

4. Prison/Rehabilitation (Prison Education Project)

5. Rights organizations (eg. NOW MALDEF, NAACP, ACLU, Human Rights Campaign)

6. Environment: Sierra Club, Coastkeepers, Greenpeace