Political Science

Safer Return to Campus

For the most updated and official communication about COVID policies, see the Safer Return website

On campus MPA & PLS courses

In the 2022-2023 academic year, departments have been instructed to only offer 15% of lower-division courses online and only 25% of the total department's courses online. Many of the courses are now on campus, although some courses offer a hybrid mode. To understand instruction modes, click here.


Faculty have been instructed to NOT offer face-to-face courses in multiple modalities, meaning that on campus meetings will NOT be recorded and be made available to students. Should you miss a meeting, you should get notes from a friend or classmate, in addition to attending your professor’s office hours.  

Campus Mask Policy

While indoors, students are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times. Should you forget a mask, there are surgical masks available in wall-mounted dispensers in most buildings on campus. KN95 masks are available at all Student Success & Advising Centers on campus.

Feeling sick? Stay home & get tested

To ensure that our campus community remains healthy, more than ever, it is really important to listen to your bodies and stay home if you feel sick. Additionally, given how difficult it is to find COVID tests, I encourage you to also take advantage of the free COVID tests on campus. They are located at the Student Health Services Building, it takes 3 minutes, and they have hundreds of appointments available. 

Make an appointment for a COVID test

Testing positive for COVID

If you test positive for COVID and are regularly attending classes on campus, report your case to healthscreener@cpp.edu. You will get detailed instructions on what to do next.

Crowding on campus: Adequately prepare

Campus is liable to be somewhat crowded, especially at specific times (around noon), and in specific locations (Bronco Student Center, Library, Marketplace). Classes have NOT been scheduled in any different way than prior to the pandemic, meaning social distancing could be challenging at different points in the day. If you are feeling anxious, feel free to excuse yourself from the classroom, but also please be conscientious of others around you. Also, give yourselves adequate time to figure out parking (1-2 hours), especially if you have never been to campus before.