Dean's Office

Dr. Joseph J. Rencis


Dr. M. Ronald Yeung

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Student Services

Dr. Alan Fuchs

Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Advancement

Deans' Assistants

Mary M. Shoo

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Martha Rodriguez

Assistant to the Associate Deans


Carrie Geurts

Senior Director of Development

John Huynh

Director of Development

Lily G. Gossage

Director, MEP


Norma De La Llata

Development Operations Coordinator

Chelsea Duran

Events Coordinator

Mac Tan Fernandez

Events Coordinator

Alicia Hansell

Communications Analyst

Christopher Park

Communications Specialist

Julianna H. Shing

Financial & Personnel Analyst

Laura Fajardo

Assistant Budget Analyst

Son V. Phan

Senior System Analyst

John J. Rotunni

Access Systems Analyst

Engineering Advising Center

Lorena Facio

Engineering Advisor

Evelyn Garcia

Administrative Support Coordinator

Monica C. Kays

Engineeering Advising Coordinator

Kenneth W. Partner

Engineering Advisor

Alexandra Retana

Engineering Advisor

College Support Technicians

Mark G. Bailey

Equipment Technician

James J. Cesari

Systems Support Technician

William D. DeRuyter

Equipment Technician

Ulus Ekerman

Equipment Technician

Andrew Gustilo

Equipment Technician

Anan S. Hamdan

Equipment Technician

David J. Lefay

Equipment Technician

Matthew M. Rodriguez

Equipment Technician

Joey Tulpinski

Equipment Technician

Gerardo Vargas

Instructional Support Technician