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Engineering Updates COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, effective March 20, 2020, classes and most services are remote/virtual for the remainder of the spring semester. Advising continues to offer services through online and remote methods for the health and safety of our campus. For the latest engineering updates and resources, please visit the engineering updates on COVID-19 page. This page will be regularly updated, and major changes to the operation of the college will be communicated both on this page and via email.

All engineering advising services are being handled remotely via email and Zoom. If students currently have appointments scheduled or if they schedule one for the future, you will receive a Zoom link to use to have their appointment with the advisor online.

To students who wish to schedule an appointment, contact your relevant advisor via email:

Engineering Advisor Contact for Each Program
Civil/Construction/Industrial/Manufacturing Monica Kays
Mechanical/Aerospace Alexandra Retana
Electrical/Computer/Electromechanical/Electronic Systems/Chemical Kenneth Partner

For all general questions or for those that are not able to get an appointment, but are still seeking advising, they can email

For general College of Engineering questions, contact



The EAC is committed to supporting a diverse undergraduate population of aspiring engineers. As a center, we strive to provide equitable, holistic, and consistent academic advising to ensure student success. We advocate for students, while also empowering them to advocate for themselves.


Consistent with the College of Engineering’s Learn by Doing approach, the EAC Team strives to inspire and encourage engineering students to be successful in their academic studies and make appropriate progress toward graduation by:

  • Challenging students to pursue high academic and professional standards in preparation for their future
  • Ensuring accurate implementation of university policies and procedures
  • Facilitating student success, achievement, and leadership
  • Assisting students to clarify academic, personal, and professional goals by offering advising resources and support  
  • Serving as a bridge to academic departments and the campus community
  • Providing mentorship and intervention to students at-risk
  • Fostering student learning and development through innovation



We encourage all of our students to meet with both professional staff advisors and faculty advisors. Our professional staff advisors can assist you with long term course planning, general education course information, university policy and procedures and much more! Your faculty advisors can help you in areas such as career planning and options within your  major, course content and future research and senior project opportunities. 

Your faculty advisor information can be found in your department office or homepage. To learn more about how to contact a professional staff advisor, check out our contact page. 

Advising Tools

College Curriculum Sheets
Major Curriculum Flowcharts (coming soon)
Major Curriculum Roadmaps (coming soon)