Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Team is committed to working with all incoming Freshmen and students facing academic challenges in the College of Engineering. Please check your e-mails, college website and social media posts for any updates regarding registration or advising deadlines. We wish you the best this term and look forward to working with you.




The EAC is committed to supporting a diverse undergraduate population of aspiring engineers. As a center, we strive to provide equitable, holistic, and consistent academic advising to ensure student success. We advocate for students, while also empowering them to advocate for themselves.


Consistent with the College of Engineering’s Learn by Doing approach, the EAC Team strives to inspire and encourage engineering students to be successful in their academic studies and make appropriate progress toward graduation by:

  • Challenging students to pursue high academic and professional standards in preparation for their future
  • Ensuring accurate implementation of university policies and procedures
  • Facilitating student success, achievement, and leadership
  • Assisting students to clarify academic, personal, and professional goals by offering advising resources and support  
  • Serving as a bridge to academic departments and the campus community
  • Providing mentorship and intervention to students at-risk
  • Fostering student learning and development through innovation


At-Risk Advising

If you are a student who is Subject to Disqualification or Disqualified, you will need to make an appointment to meet with an Engineering Advisor in the Advising Center. . You will need to complete the form located below and bring it to your appointment. Please review the academic standing policy also located below before you come to your appointment.  

Academic Standing Policy

General Advising

For first year students, please see an Engineering Advisor in the Advising Center in Building 9-155. All other students that are not first time freshmen will need to consult with their assigned advisor in their department. For any department holds, you must go to that department to have it released. Please make sure you are following your curriculum and touching base with your advisor to prevent problems with graduation. The department curriculum sheets are located below.

College Curriculum Sheets