Welcome from Dean Ketsdever

Andrew KetsdeverWelcome to the College of Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona, one of the best, largest and most affordable engineering programs in the nation.

As the 23rd largest engineering program in the country, you wouldn’t be joining just one program of many at Cal Poly Pomona. You’d be joining the most renowned program in the university and one of the most reputable among engineering companies in the country.

Why? Our programs are fundamentally designed to emphasize learn by doing. The theories you’ll learn from our world-class faculty will be put into practice as you work with industry-standard tools. Every engineering program at Cal Poly Pomona features at least 10 hands-on laboratory experiences in the curriculum. By the time you graduate, or even when you start your first internship, you’ll be more valuable for employers much sooner than your peers who graduate from programs that emphasize theory more than hands-on learning. This advantage is known by engineering companies both large and small. In short, Cal Poly Pomona engineering graduates are coveted.

Further, the engineering student body is rich in diversity—42 percent of students come from low-income backgrounds, and more than half of the students in the college are the first in their family to attend college and are from minoriy communities. For a significant portion of the student body, a degree from Cal Poly Pomona is life changing. For example, Itzhel Dimas (’17, industrial engineering), who has seen her education transform her career and by extension, her life. Her story is one of countless others who have seen the transformative effects and social mobility of their Cal Poly Pomona engineering degree.

Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, joining the College of Engineering isn’t just choosing a program—it’s choosing a future of personal and professional success, and playing an integral role in making modern life better for millions of people. To focus on your education, your career and your dreams, I hope you consider joining us!

Go Broncos!



Andrew D. Ketsdever, PhD

Dean, College of Engineering