Mission and Vision


Prepare students for industry and advanced studies by implementing an inclusive polytechnic philosophy through collaborative teamwork, innovation, entrepreneurship and professional integrity.


The Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering’s learn by doing education prepares engineers to transform imagination into reality.

Core Values

Core values are the basis upon which we strategize, make decisions, and interact with each other and our stakeholders. The following values represent what is important to the College of Engineering and how we support our vision and shape our culture. These principles guide our internal conduct and external relationships to ensure we stay true to our mission and provide a critical foundation for developing the goals and strategies.


We invest in people and celebrate success.


We create an environment of collegiality, ownership, and engagement.


We strive to be proactive, creative, and innovative.


We are committed to maintaining an environment of open, honest, and inclusive communication.


We value grit, risk-taking, and learning from challenges.