First Year Experience

First Year Experience at Cal Poly Pomona encompasses campus-wide initiatives to provide first year students with unique experiences to support their academic and personal development. A goal of the First Year Experience is to enhance students' opportunities for success and retention in our highly demanding curriculum.

Course Offerings
“Engineering, Society, and You”  
(2-unit lecture plus 1 unit lab)

Course catalog description for EGR 1000/1000L: The development of the individual in society from an engineering perspective. The study of the integration of society and technology. Development includes: introduction to the fields of engineering and engineering technology, career planning, development of a community of learners, critical thinking, problem solving skills for lifelong learning, and ethical and professional behavior. Field trips providing exposure to the impact of technology on society. Analysis of typical problems involving technology in society and their solutions, e.g., global warming, ecological stress, etc.

Completing EGR 1000 plus EGR 1000L satisfies General Education Area E.

Mini Rose Float
A student makes last second preparations for his team's float, You'll Go Great Places, before competing in the annual Mini Rose Float Competition for students in EGR 1000L class "Engineering, Society and You" at Cal Poly Pomona.
Engineering class
This class helps students to be successful in engineering. The College has found that students who take this class have higher GPAs than students who do not.

Activities for New Students
In the College of Engineering, new students begin their First Year Experience by attending a New Student Orientation during summer, which includes Advising, Registration, and a Program for Parents of First Time Freshmen.

One day before Fall classes start, new students attend Bronco Fusion, where they experience a College of Engineering Welcome and participate in an activity to introduce them to the Engineering Neighborhood.

First Year students then enroll in EGR 1000/1000L Engineering, Society, and You, focusing on lifelong learning, working in teams, developing a community of learners, and understanding the various fields of engineering and their impact on society.