Engineering Updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Fall 2020 and spring 2020 courses are predominantly online. Only a very limited number of courses this fall – 126 course sections – have in-person components. You can find the list of these courses on the Fall 2020 Virtual Advising & Academics Toolkit website.

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Engineering Buildings

All engineering buildings will be inaccessible to students until further notice. Student card swipe access will be removed until further notice. Lecture, seminar, laboratory, activity, supervisory, and independent study classes are all required to be delivered remotely.

Remote Work for Engineering Staff

Essential Staff: Staff deemed as essential (required to be on campus) are now on call. You will be called to come onto campus if the need arises.

Non-Essential Staff: Staff who have not received an on-site emergency schedule will continue to work remotely. However, they may be required to come to campus if needed.

Whether staff are working fully or partially remotely, staff are required to fill out the Temporary Remote Work Agreement (download button below) and send it to Mary Shoo

Download the Temporary Remote Work Agreement

Update Your Contact Information on BroncoDirect

It is essential to confirm that your contact information—your mobile number, most critically—is current in BroncoDirect, which will facilitate communication to our campus community.

Update Your Mobile Number in BroncoDirect