Engineering Student Computer Accounts

  1. Any engineering student taking classes may acquire a user name and password to permit use of engineering computers.
  2. Once the student has activated their account they will have access to these computers with a courtesy storage quota of 50MB.
  3. If the student is enrolled in a class the instructor may activate printing and storage privileges as required by the course. A folder will be created with the name MyEGRClassFolder on the H:drive of the student's computer. Opening the folder will give access to each of the class folders for the courses in which the students is enrolled. However, class folders will NOT be created if the file storage quota has been exceeded.
  4. The student's user name for the College of Engineering computer account is the same their Cal Poly BroncoName. For the rest of the student's engineering career this user name will remain effective
  5. Passwords may be reset at
  6. A user will NOT have access to the College Remote File Services Utility if their password has expired.