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Unified User Management Systems (UUMS)

User Guide

Unified User Management Systems (UUMS) User Guide

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What Is UUMS?

  • UUMS: customizes networked computers to manage user accounts and resources
  • User accounts:
    • Faculty
    • Students
    • Staff
    • Guests
    • Visitors
  • Resources:
    • Protected file storage and sharing
    • Courtesy printing privilege
    • Software requirement and usages tracking

Who Can Manage UUMS

  • User accounts are managed automatically: current student enrollment, including adds & drops
  • Class resources are managed by the primary faculty
  • Designated department support staff can assist faculty to manage UUMS
  • System administrators can assist faculty/students/staff

How Is UUMS Managed?


Department guide 8

Class Activation Example

1. Open URL
2. Login using Engineering User Name and Password

Department guide 5

2. Select appropriate term and click button to list courses

Department guide 6

3. Choose course to be activated by clicking on its link

Departments guide 3

4. Specify requirements and click on Activate button

Department guide 7

5. Class activation is shown by different colored link

Departments guide 2

6. Exit browser when through


Share Folders

  • Distribution Folder:
    • Distribute course materials to the students
    • Access: faculty can create/copy/delete, students can read/copy
  • Homework & Exam Folder:
    • Submit homework and exams for grading or reviewing
    • Access: faculty can read/change, submitter can submit/read
  • Interactive Folder:
    • Collaborate between faculty and students
    • Access: faculty can create/copy/delete, students can create/copy/delete their own work

Department guide 4



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