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At-Risk Advising

If your Cal Poly Pomona GPA is 2.2 or less, you are considered to be "at risk," and a special hold is placed on your registration every semester. To have this hold removed, you need to meet with Dr. Jill Hargis ( to work out a plan so that you can get out of at-risk status and return to your regular advisor.

Students who are labeled "at risk" are in danger of academic disqualification. Per university rules, if your GPA drops below a certain threshold (based on class standing), you can be disqualified from the university. Students who are disqualified are unable to enroll in courses and will be unable to complete their degree at any of the 23 campuses of the California State University. Click here to learn more about academic disqualification. 

Jill Hargis

At-Risk Advisor

Dr. Jill Hargis:

Tips for "At-Risk" Students (and their Advisors)

  • Schedule meetings with your regular advisor.
  • Consider meeting with the CLASS College Advising Center on a regular basis. 
  • Attend your mandatory "at-risk" advising session with Dr. Hargis every semester before registration. 
  • Repeat courses you've failed, especially in your major core, and file a Course Forgiveness Through Course Repetition form (PDF).
  • Cut back on your work hours and/or your unit load.
  • Improve your study skills by visiting the Learning Resource Center (including the Reading Advisory & Mentoring Program and the University Writing Center).
  • Check online resources (schedule of classes, holds, study lists, grades, contact information, financial aid status, etc.) in Bronco Direct regularly.
  • Confirm the accuracy of your study list early in the quarter.
  • Avoid getting a grade of U (Unauthorized Withdrawal; Counts as F). If emergencies do arise and you need to drop courses, file drop petitions -- don't just stop showing up for class hoping that the problem will somehow go away.
  • Consider eligibility for retroactive withdrawal (by petition).
  • If you're going through a crisis (medical, financial, personal, etc.), consider sitting out for one or two quarters.
  • Consider petitioning for leave of absence (away more than 2 semesters; in good standing).
  • Observe time limits and grades required for completing preparatory English and math (E.O. 665) (PDF).