Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Freshman or First Year student, you will be meeting with one of our advisors in the Engineering Advising Center.  If you are a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior, you will be meeting with a faculty advisor in your major department.

Every Fall and Winter quarter, there is a hold placed on your Bronco Direct account prohibiting you from registering until you meet with an advisor or attend a group advising session. In order to have the hold removed, you must schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor in the Engineering Advising Center. The second option is to attend a group advising session for your major department.

Yes, for Fall and Winter quarters advising is MANDATORY.  Aside from these advising sessions, students are encouraged to visit the Engineering Advising Center anytime they need assistance or have questions regarding their progress.

Yes, you still need to complete first year advising because you are a FIRST year student.

As you advance in your engineering studies, it is important to switch to your faculty advisor. The reason is because we encourage you to use faculty advising for mentorship and career advice. Our faculty are experts in their fields and have valuable insight to share with you as you enter your career.

For general advising questions, you can see an advisor in the engineering advising center. If your question pertains to course content, upper division coursework or electives then you need to see your faculty advisor.

You will need to meet with your faculty advisor in your major department. If you have questions pertaining to general education or your degree progress report please stop into our office.

If you have an academic probation hold then it means that you are falling below the academic standards of both the college and university. In order to have this hold removed, you will need to meet with an advisor in the Engineering Advising Center. If you are a Mechanical Engineering student with a hold from your department, you must visit your faculty advisor.

Yes. If you receive an e-mail and/or a hold indicating that you are disqualified, you must see an advisor immediately. An advisor will need to discuss with you the university policies regarding disqualification and your options with regard to academics.

Starting Fall 2015, Cal Poly Pomona has discontinued the standing- Subject to Disqualification. Therefore, the two existing academic standings are Probation and Disqualification.

If you have a GPA hold then you need to visit our center to meet with an advisor and have it lifted. We cannot lift holds via telephone or email. The GPA hold is placed when a student falls below a 2.2 CPP GPA threshold. This is when students are deemed “at-risk”. The University also places this hold when your CORE GPA falls below a 2.0.