CPP Engineering Magazine 2023

Itzhel Dimas, supply chain manager at Niagara Bottling.

The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs of Itzhel Dimas

Dimas’s life has been anything but easy, but now, it's filled with hope.
Mohammad Izadi, an instructor at Cal Poly Pomona.

The Legend of Instructor Mohammad Izadi

"Amazing lectures." "If I could take him for every class, I would." Izadi's reputation is legendary.
A photo of a young Mike Beckage.

You Shall Know His Velocity

It took a decade for Mike Beckage to earn his engineering degree. It was worth it.
A Cal Poly Pomona engineering student working on a weld.

The Bridge to Nationals

Among 250 student teams competing for the national crown, Cal Poly Pomona was a top 10 team. Student and co-project manager Taylor Jaseph tells us how they did it.
Don Edberg and students watching a rocket take flight.

Teaching the Beauty of Flight

Hypnotized by flight, beloved Professor Don Edberg writes about what he loves about flight and how he teaches the next generation of aerospace engineers.
A Cal Poly Pomona engineering student examining a block of waste salt.

A Billion-Dollar Opportunity

Billions of tons of waste salt is the unfortunate byproduct of several industries, but what if the waste could be harnessed for clean energy? Associate Professor Lakeh and his graduate students seek an answer to the billion dollar question.