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As an engineer, you’ll be vital in making modern civilization possible. We’ll rely on you to build, maintain and improve the basic infrastructure of urban life—our homes, clean water, utilities like electricity and the Internet, medicines, vehicles, buildings and so much more are possible due to engineers concepting, designing and manufacturing technologies and products that make everyday life possible for billions of people.

None of these are easy things to build, and harder still to improve and revolutionize engineering products that exist today. CPP Engineering teaches you how to solve the hard problems, and invent new and better solutions. We do this by teaching you the fundamental theories and concepts of engineering and then have you put those theories into practice. This is learn by doing—you’ll work in labs, use contemporary engineering hardware and software, and get opportunities to work on real-world engineering projects.

Engineering companies and firms know how capable you are—more organizations recruit at CPP than at any other CSU campus. You’ll command some of the highest starting salaries in the university, which means you’ll make a return on your education investment sooner than later. Plus, you’ll earn your degree at a fraction of the cost due to substantial support from the state of California. In some cases, the cost of a typical academic year at CPP is 28% less than a UC!*

When it comes to an excellent and affordable engineering education, few engineering colleges come close to what CPP Engineering offers.

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*This is based on comparing tuition data for California commuting students at CPP and UCLA.

One of the Best and Affordable Engineering Colleges in the Nation

An job recruiter from Oracle speaks with a student. "Oracle" is on the back of the recruiter's shirt.

Industry Neighbors

More organizations recruit at Cal Poly Pomona than at any other Cal State University. Our alumni work in top engineering firms and companies, like NASA JPL, Northrop Grumman and ExxonMobil.

From Our Alumni

A Cal Poly Pomona alumni, Demetrious Jarvis

“I actually needed a master’s degree for the position that I was applying for, but because Cal Poly Pomona offered wind tunnel classes and hands-on opportunities, I qualified for the job.”

Demetrious Jarvis ('20, Aerospace Engineering), Flutters and Vibrations Engineer, Skunk Works, Lockheed Martin

“Because of my engineering training at Cal Poly Pomona, I was able to serve in positions like managing lineman, and also oversee a large engineering department."

Leanne Swanson ('81, Electrical Engineering), Principal Manager of Distribution Construction & Maintenance, Transmission & Distribution, Southern California Edison
A Cal Poly Pomona alumni, Brian Jaramillo

"I feel a debt of responsibility to Cal Poly Pomona, because it really allowed me to leverage myself and springboard into the industry."

Brian Jaramillo (’87, Construction Engineering Technology), President, Tilden-Coil Constructors
A Cal Poly Pomona alumni, Maria Martinez

“I am grateful to the College of Engineering for preparing me for a successful career by placing an emphasis on teamwork and providing real world examples, and creating a link between practical application and engineering.”

Maria Martinez (’04, Mechanical Engineering), Director of Pipline Integrity, Southern California Gas Company

Stories from the College of Engineering

An engineering student in front of three monitors joined together. Student uses a keyboard to remote control a kart.

Out of the Driver's Seat

Our engineering students are developing driverless car technology.
A female engineering student works on a projects as two male students observe her work

On a Mission with NASA

“I feel like maybe I could never be a doctor, nurse or firefighter, but as an engineer, I am impacting people’s lives, not just people around me, but worlds away,” says Elnaz Ghiaei Shamlou, an electrical engineering junior.

Featured Videos

Liquid Rocket Lab at Cal Poly Pomona

Undergraduate Research at Cal Poly Pomona

Remote Vehicle Simulator

Cal Poly Pomona Virtual Tour

A Cal Poly Pomona engineering student with a shirt that reads Broncos Do It Better

Additional Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

That's not a question that can be answered the same way for each of our new students. If you are a first-time freshman coming directly from high school, you should expect to have a transition period during which your entire world may seem to be changing dramatically. You have thrust yourself into a world populated by many more students than you are used to, most of whom are proceeding toward a goal they do not feel very certain about right now, and at a much faster pace than you may be used to. It is appropriate to be excited about the start of your college experience and to feel emotions of uncertainty about the unknown.

If you are a transfer student from either a community college or from another four year institution, you already have college experience. You already may have gotten over "freshman shock" and you will most likely undergo a different kind of adjustment. While you are closer to your graduation than freshmen are and probably feel more certain about your chosen career direction than most freshmen, you may discover that the way you navigated through your previous institution may not work here; the operating policies of the two institutions may be as different as night and day.

In either case, rest assured that you will make it through your transition period! You should also recognize that, even though the engineering curricula are among the most difficult at Cal Poly Pomona, if you apply yourself and are serious about your education, it is very unlikely that you will get into academic difficulty; very few students leave the college for academic reasons.

You can expect:

  • to be challenged more than you have ever been before by your instructors, and that you will need more time to study than you have ever needed before.
  • that the grade point average you earned at your previous institution may be difficult to maintain here.
  • to assume more responsibility for your own progress and more diligence in attending to details than you have in the past.
  • the faculty to be available at their posted office hours to help you as appropriate, both in your coursework and in guidance and advising.
  • to be treated with respect by the faculty and staff.

Finally, you can expect to learn the skills to solve hard problems, problems that employers will be eager to hire you to solve.