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A CPP engineering alumna

We're a Top College for Hispanics, and More - 03 | Nov. 2020

  • We're a top college for Hispanics
  • Our students rock, and we've got three stories that prove it
  • A professor emeritus spent years searching for his paratrooper uncle who went MIA in World War II, and wrote a book about it
  • A professor built a miniature Disneyland in his backyard
An engineering graduate at commencement

CPP Engineering Among the Nation’s Best - 02 | Oct. 2020

  • We're one of the best colleges in the country...
  • ... and an example of why that's the case
  • Learn about one of our staff
  • A story that leads with a photo of a cute CPP baby lamb
  • What the 19th amendment means to one of our professor emerita
  • How to build a rocket in 1,000 pages
  • An alumni launched a recruitment scholarship, the first ever for the college
  • More small gifts!
Building 9 and 17

The Inaugural Issue - 01 | Sept. 2020

  • Updates from our stellar students and programs
  • New publications, grants and roles from our outstanding faculty
  • A small gift for you at the very end
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