Engineering News

A collage of three photos: a staff person with her laptop; a staff person's workstation; a staff person's dog

Engineering Staff Serves Students, Overcomes Challenges

The pandemic challenged the college's staff. Together, they overcame them.

Published July 1, 2020

An engineering student working with liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is written on a metal tank.

CPP to receive $2.5 Million for Aerospace Projects

Cal Poly Pomona will receive $2.5 million to fuel its Liquid Rocket Lab and boost future STEM student recruitment as part of an Education Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). 

Published June 25, 2020

A presentation by three engineering students. A PowerPoint they're using has the title proposed culvert location.

Engineering Study Details Survival Blueprint for Mountain Lions

"The Cal Poly Pomona study was a big step. People have always been asking, 'Where do you put a crossing?' Now we know that it's cleary buildable."

Published June 22, 2020

Kellogg Honors College students Lauren Sinks, left, and Cesar Valdovinos, bottom right, and engineering student Matthew Jacobson, top right

Adaptation: Learning How to Learn in a Virtual World

When the coronavirus pandemic prompted statewide stay-at-home orders, Cal Poly Pomona quickly shifted to remote and virtual learning. 

Published June 17, 2020

2020 graduate Kimberly Gottula

It All Adds Up: Games, Math, Coding Inspire Engineering Grad

When Kimberly Gottula was growing up in Placentia, her mother made sure that books and math-oriented board games were always at the ready. 

Published June 4, 2020

An engineering alumni with plastic faceshields.

College of Engineering Volunteers Step Up

As the novel coronavirus continues to prove to be a once-in-a-century pathogen, students and faculty from the College of Engineering have taken up voluntary efforts to do what they can to protect and prepare healthcare workers and services. 

Published May 18, 2020

An engineering faculty member teaching his engineering class remotely via Zoom.

Resilient and Adaptive During Pandemic

Engineering faculty and students at Cal Poly Pomona transition quickly to the new normal of remote or virtual instruction. 

Published March 31, 2020