Office of Admissions


Appeal Timeline

Students may appeal their admissions decision made by the Office of Admissions once per academic term and must be submitted within 15 calendar days from their notification date of their admission decision. For an appeal to have merit, it must contain new, serious and compelling information that was not initially presented in the application.


Admissions Denial/Withdrawal Reason:

  • CSU Requirements Not Met
  • Supplemental Requirements Not Met
  • Missed Document Deadline
  • Missed Intent to Enroll Deadline/Enrollement Deposit
  • Missed Orientation Registration 
  • Missed Orientation Attendance

All appeals should include the following:

  • A statement explaining the reason for the appeal - 2 page maximum (mandatory)
  • Recent transcript(s) from all institutions attended  (mandatory)
  • Test scores or exam credit  (if applicable)
  • Documentation supporting the appeal statement  (if applicable)


In order for the appeals committee to render an appropriate decision, the appeal packet must be complete. If an incomplete appeal is submitted, the appeal will be automatically disqualified and denied. Appeal decisions will be sent via e-mail as that is the University's official means of communication.  Appeals will be considered once and decisions rendered are final and non-negotiable.


Please Note: The burden of proof falls on the student and therefore, should provide all evidence to help support their case. Incomplete packets will not be considered and the appeal must be submitted by the applicant. Appeals will not be accepted via mail or e-mail. 

Online Appeal

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