Office of Admissions

Impaction - Notice of Public Hearing

Program impaction means that the campus has reached its enrollment capacity for instructional resources and physical support and cannot accommodate all the eligible undergraduate applications it receives for a particular program.

Notice is hereby given that Cal Poly Pomona will hold public hearings to receive comments on the proposed changes beginning (2023-2024) in admission policies related to the University’s currently impacted majors and current non-impacted but high demand majors.

Impacted Majors

Non-impacted Majors

Public hearing to change impacted supplemental course requirements beginning 2023-2024 for existing impacted majors, and to establish recommended courses for currently non-impacted (yet high demand) majors.

For the 2023-2024 admission cycle, Cal Poly Pomona will not declare any additional programs to impact or discontinue impaction. 

Cal Poly Pomona proposes the development of a Transfer Multi-Factor admission model which will include:

  • overall GPA in transferrable courses
  • completion of “golden four” courses with a grade of “C-“ or better
  • required or recommended supplemental courses (if applicable)
  • additional academic and non-academic criteria

Note: Local gurantee (non-impacted) will still be upheld regardless of supplemental courses.

Revision of impacted supplemental course criteria that aims to provide greater admissions access for transfer students and serve as strong preparation for the major.  For designated non-impacted, yet high demand, majors preferred courses will also be established.  Such courses will contribute towards the Transfer Multi-Factor admission model.

Persons wishing to comment on the proposal are invited to submit them electronically to To be evaluated and considered by campus personnel and the CSU Chancellor’s Office, all written comments and evidence must be received by the campus by 5:00pm on March 15, 2022.

Late submittal of written comments or evidence will not be allowed or accepted into the record for this matter without a showing of good cause for the delay, and in no event if any party would be unduly prejudiced by the late submittal or if staff or the campus would not have an adequate opportunity to review, consider and respond to the comments or evidence.

Update (post forums and stakeholder meetings): No feedback for changes garnered.